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Are We Toxic?

The Science


The human body has an innate capacity to detoxify itself. But we are now exposed to a level of consumer, agricultural and industrial toxins that the human organism never evolved to handle. Since WWII, more than 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our lives. We have had millions of years of evolution to establish fabulous detoxification systems in our body but the past 70 years have introduced new chemicals that our bodies have not evolved to recognize and process. 

There is enough evidence from the numerous blood, urine and sweat studies being published every month to show that the toxins in our environment are affecting our health. Despite our robust detoxification systems, we are all carrying a toxic load that is causing cellular damage that will eventually lead to a complex array of symptoms from neurological disease to heart disease to cancer.

Studies have shown that the build-up of intracellular toxins actually damage the cell membrane. A few of these toxins include mycotoxins from mold, heavy metals such as mercury or lead, and pesticides and herbicides. Once inside the cellular membrane the cell can no longer do what it is supposed to do which is excrete toxins and bring in nutrients.  The damaged cells remain poisoned because the detoxification pathways are blocked.













The mistake that many people make is to immediately start a detoxification program with calorie reduction, juicing, herbals, sauna and etc.  Since most toxins are stored in adipose tissue, once you start breaking down fat you will overload your system. More toxins are now being released into the bloodstream and needing to be excreted. But your detoxification pathways are not functioning at 100% due to damaged cellular membranes and you probably have a reduction in glutathione. Glutathione is your body's master detoxifier and critical for phase 2 detox pathways but tends to get bound up pretty quickly. 

We've developed a science based protocol at The Johnson Center to look at your toxin load, your glutathione status, your nutrients and your overall health. Based on these findings we first start by opening up your detoxification pathways, repairing cellular membranes and nourishing your cells. Only then do we recommend starting a program. to remove cellular toxins and eliminate ongoing toxins in your environment. 

Ready to start a science based detoxification protocol?

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Why Detoxing Can be Dangerous

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