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Dr. Barbara Johnson: The Face of Functional and Longevity Medicine in Coastal Virginia

When you provide the quality of care as a functional medicine and longevity practitioner that Dr. Barbara Johnson does, members of the community are bound to sit up and take notice. That’s why it came as no surprise that when Coastal Virginia Magazine put together their special Faces of 2024 issue, Dr. Johnson was chosen as the Face of Functional and Longevity Medicine.

Dr. Johnson’s Commitment to Lasting Wellness for Virginia

The Mission of The Johnson Center for Health

Formerly a general and bariatric surgeon, Dr. Johnson shifted her focus to functional medicine after her own health diagnosis. With The Johnson Center for Health, she created a clinic dedicated to combating chronic diseases and promoting longevity tailored to each patient. Our team of practitioners employ a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating medical physiology, cellular medicine, genetics, and nutrition to create personalized treatments. With programs crafted for all ages from teens on up, we aim to redefine aging and prioritize optimal health. 

Longevity Medicine: A Closer Look

Our Virginia Beach office’s flagship program focuses on longevity. Designed for both men and women, the signature longevity program applies functional medicine principles to mitigate disease risks associated with aging and allows people to remain active and healthy for the majority of their lives. 

Factors of Aging

As longevity medicine practitioners, we work hard to address every factor of aging, tailoring treatment plans to exacting personal specifications. That means we consider your health from all angles, including:

Biological Age: Rather than solely considering your birth year, we analyze key biomarkers to establish a more comprehensive understanding of your body's biological age and health status.

Genetics/Epigenetics: Your genetic makeup significantly influences your well-being and lifespan. Our assessments delve into your individual cellular composition to tailor a plan that aligns precisely with your genetic profile, including risks for disease.

Environmental Health: Your environment impacts a significant portion of your healthy years. We identify environmental factors such as air quality and diet, offering solutions to mitigate their effects on your health.

Psychological Management: Mental well-being profoundly affects bodily functions. By addressing emotional health, we reduce inflammation and bolster your immune system, enhancing overall wellness.

Cognitive Functions: Utilizing advanced tools, we assess and monitor cognitive abilities, employing cutting-edge techniques to enhance cognitive function through training and monitoring.

Circadian Rhythm: Optimizing your body's natural 24-hour cycle is crucial for physical and mental health. We provide guidance to synchronize your rhythm, promoting vitality and well-being.

Gender-Specific Medicine: Recognizing the numerous genetic disparities between genders, we tailor our approach to account for your unique biological characteristics, ensuring a personalized understanding of your current and future health.

Emotional Health: A positive mindset is fundamental to longevity. We assist you in cultivating a constructive perspective, embracing life's opportunities, and transforming your outlook on aging.

Creating Your Personalized Longevity Plan

When you schedule an appointment at The Johnson Center for longevity care, the process is simple:

  1. Health Check: Your health is influenced by a variety of factors including genetics, lifestyle choices, nutrition, stress levels, sleep patterns, and more. Through comprehensive testing, we'll explore these aspects deeply to identify and address your body's specific requirements.

  2. Longevity Plan: Based on the data gleaned from your test results, our team of practitioners will devise a tailored plan for integrated health interventions, leveraging our trusted Rebalancing method™.

  3. Feel Better: We'll collaborate closely with you to execute your individualized plan, assisting you in enhancing your environmental health, managing psychological and emotional well-being, optimizing exercise routines, boosting cognitive function, and addressing other aspects crucial to your overall health and wellness.

Additionally, Dr. Johnson has developed further specialized programs like "Age Elegantly," focused on women's health, particularly addressing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. 

Have a Face to Face With Virginia’s Face of Functional and Longevity Medicine

Read more about Dr. Johnson’s impact on longevity medicine in Coastal Virginia Magazine. And when the time feels right, schedule an appointment to meet her yourself. A healthier, longer lasting life is waiting for you at The Johnson Center for Health.


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