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News Thats Good For Your Heart- 3

Through February, which is American Heart Month, every Wednesday, we'll be sharing our favorite good news stories from the week. When you're overwhelmed with negativity, it's easy to spiral into stress and anxiety. Studies have suggested stress triggers inflammation, which is directly linked to heart disease. Staying positive is one way to continue to support your heart health.

It can be hard to find a bright side right now, given how the global pandemic and continual lockdown has affected us all. But Covid-19 didn't stop good things from happening in the world. Keep reading to see our selection of positive news from this week:

Engineers in the UK have developed a plan to use hills as batteries!

  • The project would use excess green energy to pump water uphill via underground pipes. The water would then be released and flow downhill over energy-generating turbines.

  • RheEnergise, the company behind the project, plans to install around 700 subterranean hydro projects around the country.

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Dogs have been trained to detect Covid-19 in Lebanon!

  • A French-Lebanese research team has trained dogs to detect Covid-19 in human sweat at an almost 100% success rate.

  • 20 dogs are being trained to screen arrivals at the Beirut airport.

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Results from a recent clinical trial show beneficial effects of yoga and meditation on migraine sufferers!

  • In the study, 89 adults with a history of migraines in the mindfulness-based reduction group saw an improved quality of life, decreased depression, and lessened disability- after only 36 weeks.

  • Participants followed a standardized curriculum of mindfulness meditation and yoga.

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After the Mardi Gras parade was canceled in New Orleans, homes all over the city decorated their porches for 'Yardi Gras'!

  • Hundreds of homes in New Orleans featured Mardi Gras float-like decorations all over their porches, yards, and balconies to celebrate the holiday.

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Paris is turning unused underground parking lots into organic mushroom farms!

  • A company called Cycloponics is transforming unused parking garages into farms for organic shitake, oyster, white, and chicory mushrooms! They will also be growing microgreens.

  • The team is able to harvest around 100-200 kilos of mushrooms every week- which are then distributed to local grocery stores.

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The Empire State Building is now run entirely by wind energy!

  • A deal between the Empire State Realty Trust and US developer Green Mountain Energy is to thank for this incredible feat!

  • This will prevent the production of 450 million pounds of carbon dioxide every year!

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