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Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine

What is Personalized Medicine?

Personalized medicine is a young but rapidly advancing field of healthcare that involves identifying genetic, genomic, and clinical information that allows accurate predictions to be made about a person's susceptibility of developing disease, the course of disease, and its response to treatment. 


A personalized approach to healthcare is one of the most important cornerstones of prevention, wellness and anti-aging medicine. Every patient is different biochemically, physiologically, and psychologically. A successful treatment plan must take into account the unique biochemistry of each individual patient.

How do you establish a personalized treatment plan?

Patients need to have their genome mapped by 23andme. This service will provide you with the raw data that we can use to determine your unique genetic make-up.

Anti-aging medicine focuses on designing custom treatment programs based on specialized tests, individual risk assessments, and unique health histories. Customized therapies allow anti-aging medicine doctors to help their patients achieve and maintain optimal levels of performance: sexual, physical, and mental.

In anti-aging medicine, prevention of future disease is just as important as treating an existing one. The best way to treat any medical condition is to prevent one in the first place. Active screening, early diagnosis, latest laboratory testing, modern medical imaging technologies, and prompt intervention are fundamental in helping patients avoid serious life-threatening diseases.

If you can prevent future diseases, you don’t have to be treated. An anti-aging physician will help you identify important risk factors and design a customized treatment to avoid getting sick. By optimizing health, improving nutrition, and making positive adjustments to your lifestyle, you can minimize the risks of major diseases.

          Heart Disease                              High Blood Pressure          Diabetes

          Cancer                                           Stroke                                  Cerebrovascular Disorders

          Dementia                                       Alzheimer’s

Integrative Medicine

Anti-aging medicine emphasizes an integrative and holistic approach to treating the body and the mind. Anti-aging physicians focus on health optimization and often combine a variety of methods to optimize their patients’ health

Lifestyle Modification               Fitness and Exercise Coaching          Weight Loss Support

Nutritional Planning                 Detoxification                                       Vitamin Supplementation

Hormone Therapy                     BHRT for Men                                      BHRT for Women

Wellness Optimization             Sleep Disorder Treatment                    Stress Management


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