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Detoxification Protocol

Our Detoxification Protocol focuses on three distinct phases for detoxification, pictured below. ​And although this is a massive simplification of a very complicated system, it will give you a basic understanding of the incredible process involved in detoxification. To read more about our Detoxification protocol, click here


Phase III​ is transporting toxins out of the cell into the kidneys or bile ducts to be excreted from the body.

Phase II​ is a conjugation reaction where glutathione or other molecules attach to the toxin. This attachment decreases the reactivity of the toxin. Many enzymes and nutrients are needed for these conjugation reactions.

Phase I​ is necessary to take fat-soluble toxins and make them water-soluble. This actually creates a more reactive toxin within the cell that must immediately be picked up by a Phase II molecule.

In order to detoxify properly, you have to support the phases in reverse order. If you start pushing Phase 1 detox but you cannot get the toxins out of the cell or the body as a whole, the toxins will remain inside the cell and cause damage or circulate in the body and be stored in adipose tissue.

Our Detoxification is a 5-week program that entails limiting your toxin exposure and decreasing your inflammation. Clean air, water, and food are all foundational for health. Along with the materials we provide, there are two supplements we highly recommend to assist with the detox protocol. They are pictured below:

To read more about our Detoxification protocol, click here. Or email Rebecca at

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