Incorporating genetics into my practice has become an important tool that I use alongside standard of care in order to provide patients with a personalized treatment plan.

How I use your genetic profile?

  • Looking at your risk alleles can help to better understand why certain health issues are not resolving

  • Your genetics can show exactly what type of supplements that you need so you don't waste money

  • Your predisposition to several diseases can be elucidated using genetic testing.

  • Showing what genetic variations an individual has will help to motivate a patient to make the lifestyle changes necessary to decrease the risk of CV disease, Alzheimer's, dementia, and many more

Having your genes interpreted is easy and relatively inexpensive.  Create an account with 23andMe and they will send you a test kit for your saliva. It will take about 6 weeks to get the results after you send it back to 23andMe. You can choose to get either the Ancestry Kit or the Health and Ancestry Kit. Either kit provides the raw data required for Dr. Johnson to pull the SNP's that have been thoroughly researched, and have been proven to be relevant and responsive.

Yes, the set of genes you are born with will not change but you can choose to turn the bad genes 'off' and the good genes 'on' by making specific lifestyle changes.  We now know that your genes are not your fate. 

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