Our Holiday Gift Guide!


Berkey is the most advanced water filtration system. The Berkey filter works on three principles- microfiltration, absorption, and adsorption. The result of this triple filtration system is a 99.9% removal of chlorine, BPA's, heavy metals and other industrial carcinogens.

We recommend the Big Berkey Water Filter. At 2.25 gallons, the Berkey is the perfect size to keep in your home. The Big Berkey is ideal for medium-sized families from 1-4 people. In an emergency situation, the Big Berkey can supply purified drinking water for up to 16 people while being filled continually. 


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BLUblox ​creates innovative and state of the art blue light glasses. BLUblox has four signature lenses- Sleep+, SummerGlo, BluLite, and REMedy Sleep Mask. The lenses work to block blue and green light to encourage sleep, boost mood, and reduce digital eye strain. 

We recommend any of the BluLite Computer Glasses. The BluLite Computer Glasses filters down blue light and eliminates glare, reducing digital eyestrain, headaches, and stress levels. They are available in non-prescription, prescription, and reading magnification options. 

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Functional Health Genenome Test

This year, the Johnson Center is offering the gift of health for you or your loved one in the form of functional health genomic testing. The DNA Optimal Health Report is designed to optimize health, longevity, and mitigate disease risk. This is achieved by personalizing lifestyle and diet choices, and when necessary, recommending medicinal grade supplements to offset any particular nutritional deficit that is due to a specific genetic variation.

If you order between December 1 and Christmas Eve, you will receive a 100 dollar discount and a Johnson Center Health gift box!

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Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines is a natural wine subscription service. You receive 6-12 wines sourced from small farms around the world. Every bottle is lab-tested to be sugar-free, low in sulfites, and under 12.5% alc/vol. Each shipment includes a variety of varietals, countries, and styles. 

We recommend the red wine membership package. As red wine is the highest in antioxidants; click here to read our blog on why it's important to drink natural wine. You can choose how many bottles of wine you would like to receive and the delivery frequency. 

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EnviroKlenz creates state of the art ​air filtration systems, laundry products, air fresheners, and other cleaning products. EnviroKlenz's products are all organic and free of harmful fillers, fragrances, and chemicals. All products have been lab-tested and validated.

We recommend the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus. It is one of the best air filtration systems on the market today. The Air System Plus filters sub-micron particles at 99.99% efficiency, trapping mold, viruses, dust, and other toxins in the air inside your home. The patented Earth Mineral Technology also absorbs and breaks down the VOC's and other Chemical Compounds. Click here to read more about the importance of air filtration systems in your home. 

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Cultures for Health

Cultures for Health works to make cultured food easy and accessible. They have culture kits for sourdough, kefir, yogurt, kombucha, cheese, and more. Their website has many instructional videos and everything you could need to begin culturing at home!

We recommend Cultures for Health's Artisan Sourdough Kit! This kit includes a sourdough starter, bread lame, baker's scale, steel dough scraper, butter muslin, and sourdough recipes! The starter culture contains no GMO ingredients and organic white wheat flour, with live active cultures. 

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Happsy created the first fully certified mattress-in-a-box. They also make pillows and other bedroom necessities. Happsy uses all certified organic cotton​, no glues or adhesives, no synthetic latex, certified organic wool, and no harmful flame retardants.

We recommend the Unisex Cloud Loom Organic Robe. This robe is made with the same organic cotton grown and woven in Turkey. The same material is used in Happsy's towels, making it just as soft and absorbent. 

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Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee is the only coffee company in the world 100% committed to maximizing health benefits. Their coffee is always organic, specialty grade, zero contaminants, antioxidant-rich, and delivered within 48 hours of roasting for optimal freshness. 

We recommend Purity Coffee's subscription package. The subscription not only makes the perfect gift, but is also 10% discounted from the regular price. Each 12 oz bag produces 25-35 cups of brewed coffee- only 55 centers per cup! If you subscribe to 3+ bags, you 

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