Give your Mom the best

this Mother's Day.

Personalized medical care!

We know Moms' don't always take the time to prioritize their own health.

Show a Mother in your life how much you care by gifting her an introduction to optimal health.

In honor of Mother's Day, we are offering

$100 off

your Mom's initial visit with Dr. Johnson!


For only $300, Dr. Johnson will work with a Mother in your life to optimize her health. Women between the ages of 50-70 years old make up the majority of our patient population. Common symptoms like fatigue, stress, menopausal symptoms, hormone imbalance, osteoporosis, and more will be thoroughly explored to help her achieve optimal health.


If you're a JCH patient, you know the immediate peace and confidence that comes with your first appointment with Dr. Johnson. Feeling heard and understood, and knowing that each and every symptoms will be considered provides such a sigh of relief. Give that feeling to a special Mother in your life this Mother's Day.


We realize that this may also be a gift to you and your family - knowing that Grandma is doing what she can for her health can alleviate stress for her children and grandchildren.


After purchase you will receive a JC voucher in PDF format that you can either print out or send digitally to your mom. No need to worry about how to present this awesome gift, the PDF will take care of that for you. We will keep your mother's name on record so she can complete her initial visit at the Johnson Center free of charge!


This offer is available as of May 3rd and will end this Friday, May 7th at 2 PM.


Call our office at 276-235-3205, or email us at

If you're interested in purchasing a Mother's Day voucher or learning more, please contact us!