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Who we treat.

We are an integrative and functional medicine practice that treats individuals and not symptoms.


We treat chronic conditions for those who are not getting the desired results from conventional medicine.


We help individuals who are seeking optimal health and aging. And individuals who are starting to develop symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog and weight gain.


 Everyone is biochemically, genetically and psycho-emotionally unique. And everyone deserves a personalized

wellness plan. 

What is Health?

Health is not the absence of disease but an optimal physiologic state.

According to a recent study 82% of the population have an underlying metabolic disorder and 6 out of 10 suffer from a chronic condition.

Damage starts at the cellular level 10 years before you start having symptoms which may manifest as headaches, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, joint and muscle pains.

We test and treat at the cellular level to help your body to heal naturally.

What We Do


We work to bring your body back into balance so that health and healing happen naturally, at the cellular level.


Maintaining cellular health supports and restores health by restoring homeostasis.


This is the only way to prevent, reverse and correct the deepest roots of chronic disease.


Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs = Healthy Body

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It is important to look at the body as a whole.  Healthy cells will have a global downstream effect on healthy organs which will create a healthy body. 


Cellular survival depends on receiving and processing information from the outside environment, whether that information pertains to the availability of nutrients, toxins, hydration, or variations in light levels.  



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How We Do It

We take into account all the factors that increase inflammation and metabolic imbalance. We have 30 trillion cells that form a network of communication and perform 100,000 biochemical reactions every second.  Imbalances in this communication will develop into dysfunction which causes inflammation and develops into symptoms. 

We test the following to develop a personalized physician designed wellness plan just for you. 

  • Metabolome: Reveals early onset of imbalance and cellular injury.

  • Genome. Your blueprint of DNA and variations that make you unique.

  • Microbiome. Trillions of bacteria that are necessary for your health.

  • Exposome. Your sleep, stress, nutrition and toxin exposure. 



Your Genome is your DNA and all the variations within your DNA that make you unique. 

It is important that you are living in harmony with your genes. 


The Microbiome is all of the organisms within your GI tract as well as your skin, and lungs.


The health of your microbiome is crucial for your on-going health. 

The metabolome are the molecules that are produced to achieve biological balance.


This testing will show early onset of imbalance and potential cellular disfunction which will lead to disease.


These are the environmental factors such as toxins, sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress.


All of these external factors will affect your genes, microbiome and cellular health.


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