The Sun is Good for Your Health

My advice to everyone is to NOT be afraid of the sun. I’ve been taught and doctors today have been taught to tell their patients to either avoid the sun or wear sunblock. But this public health message needs to be called into question. Consider this. Vitamin D levels and the rates of skin cancer are increasing despite the increasing use of sunscreen. There are several studies that have confirmed that appropriate sun exposure actually helps prevent skin cancer and the research shows that there is no association between sun exposure and malignant melanoma. Outdoor workers report lower rates of melanoma than indoor workers (Radespiel-Troger 2009). Melanoma rates are higher among people who live

The Experts Agree: Testosterone is Safe and Effective for Men's Health

The controversy and concern of men taking Testosterone (T) was finally laid out and published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2016. Participants of the conference were invited based on their clinical and/or research expertise with Testosterone deficiency (TD) and represented a broad range of specialties from 11 countries on 4 continents. The expert panel vigorously debated 9 resolutions regarding TD and T therapy. All 9 resolutions received unanimous approval indicating that the science and clinical evidence behind these resolutions is strong and well established. Listed below are the 9 resolutions that were discussed and agreed upon.. Resolution 1 TD is a well-established, significant medica

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