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Optimal Health Age 20-30

You have endless energy, are mentally sharp and focused, sexually healthy and physically have no limitations. Recovery is quick and your bodies are very forgiving of overindulgences. Your brain is the last organ to stop growing and this is around age 25.

Unfortunately many 20 and 30 year olds are not enjoying optimal health. Many are starting to feel fatigued with a decrease in exercise and an increase in weight. Mood issues such as anxiety, depression and ADHD are common. 


Optimal Health Age 40 to 50

40-50's. There is some slow down in your activities but not much. Focus is more on your career and personal growth as most have a clearer sense of purpose. Confidence increases during this time but life can become more complicated. Recovery from exercise may take longer.

The reality for many men and women in this age group is an exacerbation of symptoms that started the previous decade. Fatigue become more pronounced with brain fog and difficulty getting through the day. Body fat and especially abdominal fat increases and skeletal muscles decreases. Hormonal imbalance contributes to depression, anxiety, sleep disorder and for men ED. 

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Optimal Health Age 60 and Over

60 +These are the years when many find a renewed sense if purpose and seek new challenges and opportunities that are more meaningful. Sex hormones have decreased, as reproduction is no longer necessary, and are now balanced. This increases wisdom and focus.

Currently, the average age of most chronic complex diseases start at 63. Health deteriorates, inactivity increases and memory starts to decrease.  Exercise becomes difficult due to joint pains and loss of mobility.

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