BPC-157 stands for Body Protection Compound and is a peptide that has been studied since 1991. BPC is a sequence of only 15 amino acids but has powerful healing and regenerative properties. This peptide seeks out specific signaling molecules released by injured tissue(s) and goes to work. It has profound effects on modulating the immune system yet BPC itself has no direct effect. All of the tissue healing comes from signaling your body to perform natural tasks that it has been designed to do.


BPC is effective at giving cells what they need to restore functioning after damage.It accelerates wound healing by improving blood flow and increasing collagen production but also promotes healing of all body tissues including the heart and brain. The oral form of BCP is the preferred route of administration for treating stomach ulcers and intestinal problems. The injectable form works best for muscle sprains, ligament damage and pain but I've seen great results in patients who have used the oral form for muscle and joint pain.


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  • Common uses for BPC-157

    Gut Health

    • Acid reflux and a way to wean off PPIs

    • Significant effects in healing gut mucosa from inflammation

    • Can help heal gastric ulcers

    Immune System

    • 80% of the immune system is in the gut, having a healthy gut will balance your immune system.

    • Relief from allergies and viruses

    • Helps with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis

    Enhances Recovery from Sports Injuries

    • Enhances healing of ligaments and tendons

    • Promotes bone healing, wound healing and muscle healing.

    • Great for athletes with an injury and promote connective tissue injury.

    • Faster recovery from work-outs

    Body Composition

    • Has been shown to increase muscle mass and also decrease body fat.

    Biotoxin illness including mold.

    • BPC is great for mold and mycotoxins as it binds the neurotoxins and mycotoxins and heals the leaky gut. This is key for mold.

    • BPC works by healing and protecting the body and reducing inflammation.

    Neurological Health

    • Has been shown to help with healing the nervous system and promoting myelin sheath repair.

    • Great for mood and can enhance our neurotransmitters: GABA, serotonin and dopamine. Dopamine is our go getter, drive and motivation. GABA keeps us calm and in our parasympathetic system, and serotonin is joy and elation.

    • Helps to decrease anxiety and depression.

    • Increases neurogenesis due to increased nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide oxygenates the brain and the body.

    The results using BPC-157 vary from one person to another but are often seen after a dosage cycle begins. This recommended cycle is between 3-6 months. Higher doses can lead to quicker results and especially with injections.



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