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Foundational Wellness Plan

The Foundational Wellness Plan provides a tailored, comprehensive plan based on your your unique biochemistry and genetics. 

Your health is determined by a complicated web of interactions that are unique to you and impact your total body function. Your symptoms are not the problem - they are just signals that there is a problem. 

Resetting your biochemistry toward a path of healing is what is necessary for sustained and long term health. 

Brain fog, weight gain, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, gut issues, fatigue, etc. These are all signs of a cellular imbalance that produces inflammation, stress and dysfunction.  It is hard for routine blood test to uncover to look at the hundreds of biological markers that help determine the current state of your health. 

Symptoms now indicate cellular imbalance and dysfunction that may have started 10 years earlier. 

How the Foundational Wellness Plan Works

Testing: Testing is essential to understand which of your body's systems are not working properly,  We don't guess but look at multiple different markers including nutritional, inflammatory, hormonal, molecular, mitochondrial, and genetic. 

Implementation.  After a through review of your tests, genetics and history, a comprehensive wellness plan is developed for you personally. This plan includes personalized nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and targeted supplementation. We do not use protocols or a one size fits all approach as you have an individual history, genetics and biochemistrty. 


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