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What We Do

DNA Strand

Clinical Genomics


When you work with us you become a part of our family at The Johnson Center.

Our team offers patient-centric care with personal service.


Our goal is to help your reach your goal.


The Johnson Center's approach to healthcare is innovative and patient-centered.


We focusing on preventive care, early detection, and treatment of underlying causes of diseases through the integration of functional and cellular medicine.

A Tower of Stones

Longevity Medicine

Yoga Practice

Weight Loss


 Dr. Johnson has worked in Functional and Cellular Medicine for over ten years.


She has personally trained all our highly qualified practitioners in our proprietary Rebalancing Method which is a transformational journey to optimal health

Couple Meditating on the Beach

Hormone Balance


We emphasize "actual science" to guide treatment and a commitment to evidence-based practices. This means relying on the latest research and technologies to understand health conditions and their underlying causes comprehensively.

Image by Tim Chow

Functional Medicine

In a world where exhaustion, stress, and other signs of aging are often accepted as inevitable, we stand to challenge this notion

All of our services at The Johnson Center utilize an approach to wellness emphasizing Functional and Cellular Medicine.


We go beyond treating symptoms to address the underlying causes of health issues.  


Our personalized care delves into your unique genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors, employing the latest scientific research to craft tailored health plans.  


This holistic approach not only targets the underlying imbalances in your body but also empowers you with the knowledge and tools for sustainable health.  ​


Functional/cellular Medicine helps the body, mind and spirit.  


Imagine what it can do for you.

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