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The Johnson Center for Health & Wellness

The Johnson Center is a concierge medical program that offers personalized solutions to optimize your health, performance and longevity. Patients today are not getting the help they need from conventional medicine. Many leave their physician's office with a prescription in hand but not sure if their concerns were understood. The Johnson Center emphasizes the relationship between the physician and patient and listens to the patient seeking to discover the underlying root cause of an illness. Prescription medicines can be beneficial but other healing options exist that emphasize healthy living, nutrition and disease prevention. True health can only be achieved by addressing the underlying imbalances in brain chemistry, hormone levels, digestion and lifestyle.

Conventional medicine is great for treating acute care such as a broken bone, a heart attack, stroke or bacterial infection. But it does not adequately address the rising epidemic of chronic illnesses.  Click here to find out more about functional medicine and how it differs from conventional medicine.


Meet our team



Founder and Head Physician

Dr. Johnson founded The Johnson Center after stepping down from a 10 year career in general surgery in both Georgia and Southwest Virginia. Dr. Johnson recognized that traditional medicine is no longer the best solution for most people, and now serves her patients with compassion and integrative solutions. Learn more about Dr. Johnson here.



Social Media Marketing Manager

Whatley began working for the Johnson Center for Health after graduating from UVA in May, 2020. She is now currently getting her masters in social work at Columbia University.  Whatley is passionate about eating clean, wellness, and yoga classes.

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Shelley Bitzer

Health Coach


Shelley joined the Johnson Center in September, 2022 as a National Board Certified, Functional Medicine Health Coach. Shelley is passionate about wellness and aims to help every patient reach their greatest potential. Shelley works with patients to empower them into becoming their own health advocate. Learn more about Shelley here



Patient Coordinator

Rebecca Johnson is local to the New River Valley and has 18 years of healthcare management in the area. 

Rebecca highly values positive patient contact and warm welcomes. She is blessed to provide the Johnson Center patients with the most exceptional patient experience. She handles the day to day operations as team liaison, scheduler and details of the practice. 

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Nurse Practitioner

Amanda has been working at The Johnson Center since 2018 as a registered nurse supporting patients with their prescriptions and wellness journey. She recently has stepped into an additional role as the Nurse Practitioner. Amanda received her Master’s Degree in Nursing from Old Dominion University and is currently working toward a Doctorate of Nursing. Her passion for personal health and wellness initially brought Amanda to The Johnson Center as a patient. With her success and dedication to wellness, she wanted to share her knowledge with patients. Amanda has trained with Dr. Johnson for several years to incorporate functional medicine into practice to enhance patient outcomes. Amanda lives in Radford with her husband, Eric. They enjoy weight-lighting, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends. 

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