How to Successfully Lose Weight

Successful weight loss cannot be achieved by 'dieting'. Diets fail because the emphasis is on reducing calories and exercising more. Yes, this will work for the short-term but as you know the weight returns and usually with an extra pound or two and then you start the cycle all over again. I saw this repeatedly with my bariatric patients and it is why they eventually ended up with diabetes, depression, hypertension, disrupted sleep and needing surgery in order to reduce their weight.

Skip the fad diets. 

ID the underlying cause of excess fat in your body. 

Stop stressing about your weight. 

Recognize that inflammation might be the root of the problem. 

How We Address Weight Loss at The Johnson Center:


  • A detailed history to identify the stresses

  • InBody Analysis to obtain an in-depth look at your skeletal muscle mass, body fat, and visceral fat which is the inflammatory abdominal fat.

  • Bloodwork to test for hormonal and nutritional imbalances

  • Nutrigenomics to see genetically your nutrients work best for you.

  • Protocol to reduce gut inflammation and restore a healthy microbiome

  • Bio-identical hormones (optional), herbs and/or supplements as needed to address hormonal imbalance and cellular health.

  • Stress reduction technique

  • Learn how to utilize natural light and movement

  • Appropriate Exercise for your age, lifestyle, and hormonal factors

  • Re-establishing your Circadian Cycle



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