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Are You Healthy?

How do you know?

Health is not the Absence of Disease

Health is an optimal physiological state where there are no limitations.  You are able to accomplish whatever you want to do both physically and mentally.

Most people are unaware that their health is declining or may have vague symptoms such as brain fog, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, trouble remembering, depression/anxiety, and fatigue. You know something is not right but blood test from your doctor are all 'normal' and you are told that 'nothing is wrong'.  


Regular blood tests are looking for disease. But your symptoms are warning signs that your health is suffering at a cellular level. Cellulars damage occurs long before you develop a disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cognitive impairment. Functional testing is about preventing disease and restoring you to optimal health.   

Health Optimization is Functional Testing by looking at health at a cellular level.  

Functional testing is assessing an individual for the early beginnings of a disease process or the "root cause" before the onset of cellular damage or disease. Conventional lab testing via Labcorp or Quest is also important but we evaluate with a functional lens looking for prevention.


Conventional medicine teaches us to analyze labs with the focus of uncovering a disease once it has progressed from a dysfunction into a pathology. The ranges that are set by the lab companies are based on the conventional model of evaluating for disease. 


Both systems are needed as one does not replace the other. Most of the testing done at The Johnson Center is to understand how the body is working at the deepest level to look for cellular imbalances, oxidative stress, energy production, DNA damage, detoxification pathways, and many other biological pathways

Outlined below are some of the tests that are routinely used at The Johnson Center.

Genomic and Functional Testing for Personalized Medicine

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Genomic Testing

With the continued increase of chronic health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's/Dementia, Diabetes, and Obesity, it is critical to know your risks. Genomic testing looks at your potential risks and what you can do about it now. Having a genetic risk for Alzheimer's is real but lifestyle interventions started early can prevent certain genes from being expressed. You can control your genetic risks by making specific changes. 

Any genetic based problems with detoxification, amino acids, nutrient absorption, fatty acids, inflammation, or antioxidants will lead to health issues. 


Organic Acid Testing


The Organic Acid Test is one of the best tests that looks at your overall health. This easy urine test evaluates your digestive system, energy, nutrients, metabolism, detoxification, longevity and brain health. Organic acids are a broad class of compounds formed during fundamental metabolic processes in the body from the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The resulting organic acids are used by the body to generate cellular energy and provide many of the building blocks necessary for cell function.  


Microbiome Testing


Your microbiome is more than just a collection of microbes in your GI tract. It is considered an organ that preprocesses everything we eat and drink and is also considered the largest immune organ of the body. Maintaining large biodiversity is critical for optimal health and testing can show an overgrowth of candida or other opportunistic and potentially pathogenetic bacteria that may be contributing to chronic health conditions. 


Micronutrient Testing


How do you know if you need to take certain vitamins and minerals? How do you know if what you are taking is effective? Testing can show you what your deficiencies are and what is needed. Vitamins and minerals are cofactors for biochemical processes and are absolutely critical for your enzymes to function. Optimal levels are what is needed for health. The RDA is only what is recommended for prevention of disease and not for health and longevity. Maintaining optimal levels of your vitamins and minerals are necessary of healthy aging and to perform at your best.

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