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Meet Our Dedicated and Talented Team

At The Johnson Center, we believe in the power of individualized care. Recognizing that each person is unique, we tailor our treatments to align with your distinct physiology, lifestyle, and aspirations.


Our esteemed team of top-tier medical providers, trained across multiple disciplines, is committed to guiding you on a transformative journey towards optimal health. From the moment you step into our clinic, you become part of our family. We stand by you, from the inception of your wellness journey to the moment you achieve your health goals.


Our vision of "repair, rebalance and restore" is deeply embedded in our ethos, ensuring that every interaction is centered around patient-centric care.


At The Johnson Center, we don't just treat symptoms; we delve deep to understand the root cause, crafting personalized treatment plans that empower your body to rejuvenate and counteract the effects of aging.


The goal of everyone at The Johnson Center is to provide a warmly welcoming healthcare experience, where your well-being is our paramount concern. Experience the power of personalized medicine and step into a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself.

Each member of our staff from our part-time office worker to our physician and practitioners work toward the same goal to provide all of our patients with "Uncompromised personalized care". 

This is the motto that forms the foundation of The Johnson Center. 

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Barbara Johnson, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Johnson founded The Johnson Center after stepping down from a 10 year career in general/trauma surgery in both Georgia and Virginia. Dr. Johnson recognized that traditional medicine is no longer the best solution for most people, and now serves her patients with compassion and integrative solutions.


She specializes in longevity and women's health via the Age Elegantly Program.


Learn more about Dr. Johnson here.

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Amanda Hudgins, DNP - Warm hearted with a nurturing spirit and always patient centric. 

Amanda has been working at The Johnson Center since 2018 starting out as a registered nurse. She recently has stepped into an additional role as the Nurse Practitioner. and has completed her Doctorate of Nursing. Her passion for personal health and wellness initially brought Amanda to The Johnson Center as a patient. With her success and dedication to wellness, she wanted to share her knowledge with patients. Amanda has trained with Dr. Johnson for several years to incorporate functional medicine into practice to enhance patient outcomes. Amanda lives in Chesapeake with her husband, Eric and works mainly out of the Virginia Beach office


She and her husband enjoy weight-lighting, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends. 

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Kelly Finnegan, PA-C - Her dedication and commitment to patient care is truly exceptional.

I grew up in a medical family and have a long background in allopathic medicine. I originally learned about Dr. Johnson around 2017 when I was working in outpatient GI. Several patients told me about the incredible results they were seeing under her care and I was inspired to learn more about functional medicine. I have incorporated many tenets into my personal life and then incorporated them into the treatment of patients prior to joining The Johnson Center.

I always start with understanding the patient’s goals first. I like to understand their priorities and make sure that we create a plan together to achieve their objectives.

I am certified as a HeartMath practitioner for stress, anxiety and emotional regulation. I am currently focusing on cycling females from PMS to PCOS. And I have trained under Dr. Greenblatt’s in Functional Psychiatry.

My husband and I live on a farm where we have a large garden and raise beef cattle. There is nothing better than eating fresh food right from our farm! I spend my extra time outside of work volunteering, knitting, traveling and caring for our 3 dogs.

Shelley Bitzer, Health Coach - Her energy and enthusiasm for helping patients to reach their goals is inspiring. 

Shelley joined the Johnson Center in September, 2022 as a National Board Certified, Functional Medicine Health Coach. Shelley is passionate about wellness and aims to help every patient reach their greatest potential. Shelley works with patients to empower them into becoming their own health advocate. Learn more about Shelley here

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Kristina McIrvin, NP

More Information to follow.

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Rebecca Johnson, Practice Administrator.  Rebecca is the heart of The Johnson Center. She is gifted in patience and grace and makes all the patients feel taken care of. 

Rebecca is local to the New River Valley and has 22 years of healthcare management in the area.   She is blessed to provide the Johnson Center patients with the most exceptional patient experience. She handles the day to day operations as team liaison, scheduler and details of the practice. 

Rebecca enjoys spending time with family and friends especially with her two children, Cameron and Marcus. She loves to spend time in the sun at the lake while boating. 

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