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Peptides are the Coming Revolution in Medicine –

A Game Changer in Health care.

What are Peptides? 

Peptides are small proteins that occur naturally in our body. They are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins. These small proteins are signaling molecules that enhance the optimal functioning of the entire body by binding to receptors on cell surfaces. Peptides have been identified for a long time and have been studied extensively. There are currently over 2.5 million articles about peptides on Pub Med.


The human body possesses over 250,000 peptides and we are only beginning to classify and understand them to harness their power in the practice of medicine. Peptides provide healing and health optimization in a way other treatments have not been able to before.  They are the master controllers that work at a cellular level and can bring balance to the body. 


Because peptides are naturally occurring in the body, they are specific, extremely well-tolerated and safe. Numerous studies have been done with no toxicity being seen. For most, the worst case is that the peptide didn’t work.

What is Peptide Therapy? 

Peptides therapy is a growing field in medicine, ranging from skin care, to preventing heart disease and stroke, treating immune system problems, chronic infections like Lyme disease, and so many other conditions.


After the administered of a peptide treatment to a patient, rather than a hormone or a drug, the body’s own natural abilities are enhanced- whether by producing its’ own hormones or other healing proteins.

What are the Goals of Peptide Therapy?

- Maintain Homeostasis in a Cell

- Improve current chronic disease parameters.  Peptides impact healthy cellular signaling to improve neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, autoimmune dysfunction, and more.

- Impact genetic signaling.

- Improving health parameters in longevity and improved lifespan.

What Conditions can Peptides be used to Treat?

Peptides can be used to treat many chronic and acute conditions. Including: 

- Fat loss and muscle growth

- Modulate the immune system, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

- Tissue repair including joints, tendons, and muscles

- Oxidative stress

- Cosmetics

- Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

- Cognitive enhancement

- Cellular energy production

- Reduce pain and inflammation

- Enhance peak performance

- Balance Hormones

- Age management

- Depression/anxiety

- Cancer

- Many more

Each type of peptide is unique and therefore has unique benefits. There are dozens available. At The Johnson Center, we specialize in the peptides that have been studied and evaluated for safety and effectiveness.

A Remedy for Every Need
Skin and copper peptides.jpeg

Copper Peptides are naturally produced in many tissues in the body. They have a variety of roles but are best known for their skincare, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and hair growth. Read More.....


African woman solve business matters on

There are many factors that affect your immune system and produce an imbalance in your TH1 and TH2.  This produces a state of chronic inflammation that leads to multiple health issues. Read More.


 Flexible senior woman stretching outdoo

A landmark paper was published that outlined the 9 hallmarks of aging. Many have to do with cellular damage and our declining immune function. Read More.


Injury from workout concept : The asian

Peptides have been shown to decrease inflammation and promote tissue repair and remodeling. Read More.


young man having a pain in his side.jpg

BPC is probably the most well-known peptide. Reduces digestive inflammation, aids in the repair of the gut lining to combat leaky gut, IBS, & Crohn’s disease. Read More.


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