Kelsey is originally from Chantilly, Virginia. She is married to her husband, Dylan and they reside in Radford, Virginia. She played college soccer at West Chester University before transferring to James Madison University to complete her undergraduate degree in athletic training (2014). Following graduation, Kelsey spent two years at Radford University working with various Division 1 sports teams. She then completed an athletic training assistantship at Liberty University while pursuing her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Nutrition.


Kelsey joined The Johnson Center team in June 2019 as a certified health coach. She has always had a passion for both practicing and facilitating wellness and she loves partnering with patients to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Kelsey uses the latest scientific nutrition information as well as clinical experience to provide recommendations that help patients achieve their health and wellness goals.


My goal is to help every patient create a sustainable, real-world approach to improved health and performance enhancement. I take time to learn about you as a person, how and what you are eating, medications and supplements you are taking, physical activity, sleep, stress, and your long term goals. We have to start with behavior change and a results-driven approach that lasts.


Meet Kelsey Donley, MS, ATC, CHC

Kelsey’s hope is for dynamic health to be attainable and sustainable for anyone and everyone. Patients achieve this goal by working with Kelsey to implement the personalized Wellness Plans created by Dr. Johnson with a results-driven approach that lasts and, in turn, helps patients achieve their health goals and protect against major health issues.


Why Work with a Health Coach?


Statistics show that most people know what to do to be healthy but only 6% achieve their goals. This is because general knowledge and specific instructions of WHAT to do and even HOW to do it isn’t enough to make desired changes.  


This is why a Health Coach is necessary to achieve long-term health and wellness goals. Almost everyone faces certain challenges when it comes to maintaining health and everyone has unique challenges. Creating a healthy and balanced body through proper nutrition and exercise can prevent and even reverse many disease states without medications.


Health coaches take a customized approach based on your individual needs and goals as no one wellness plan is exactly the same. They help to zero in on your singular strengths, then help you to engage those strengths in order to reach your health goals. At the same time, health coaches identify your greatest areas of struggle and provide the support needed to overcome those struggles.


Health Coaches are accountability partners who can help you break down big goals into small steps that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART). Consider your health coach as your ally, your guide, and a member of your healthcare team. A health coach will help you to discover and tap into your own inner motivation that will support you as you create lifestyle changes that are sustainable for YOU.

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