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Telemedicine Made Simple

Download Zoom on Your Computer

Zoom is the platform that we use for our virtual consults. It is easy to use and HIPPA compliant.  You can ‘attend’ your appointment from anywhere as long as you have good internet connection. You can test your internet connection by 'Joining a Test Meeting". 


 It is always best to use Zoom from a desktop or laptop computer since we will be sharing important documents through screen sharing. 

We will be sending you the Zoom invitation with a link a couple of minutes before your appointment. If you do not see the link, refresh your computer. 

  1. Visit

  2. Click “Sign Up, It’s Free”

  3. Follow the prompts to download Zoom on your computer.


We highly recommend trying a test meeting to make sure everything is working okay!  Test your internet connection by going to to try a test meeting.

Checking Audio & Video

How To Join a Meeting

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