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Rebalancing Therapy

Discover how The Johnson Center for Health’s signature program–The Rebalancing Method™–can help you make the most out of life.

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Aging is inevitable.
Aging healthily is a choice.

Optimize your mind, body, and spirit through our scientific and supportive approach to functional and cellular medicine.

Promote healing

The Rebalancing Method™ uses five pillars of health and wellbeing to  support your body’s inherent healing capacity and maintaining balance

Make positive change

Get the support you need to make and maintain positive lifestyle changes so you can rebuild your health.

Love your life

Start feeling like yourself again so you can get back to doing what you love, with the energy and confidence to make the most of midlife.

Look and feel your best

Achieve cellular balance

Optimize body & brain

Yoga in Nature

“Dr. Johnson and her team get to the root of your health issues for optimal health. What a relief to know I wasn’t crazy and the solution was not to pop pills for the rest of my life. I have never had a doctor spend such quality time explaining test results to me as Dr. Johnson did. Following her program, I was able to see immediate and lasting results!”

Lydia Wright

What is Rebalancing Therapy?

Rebalancing Therapy is a distinctive method developed at the Johnson Center for Health that employs a holistic approach to accurately identify the underlying causes of medical concerns. This approach aims to restore cellular balance and rejuvenate both body and brain, thereby promoting lasting health and well-being.

The Rebalancing Method™ is based on 5 fundamental pillars of health and wellbeing:


This pillar involves a thorough analysis of genomic and epigenetic risks, hormonal health, and strategies for risk reduction.


Implementing optimal levels of exercise, mobility, flexibility, and movement tailored to individual needs.


Providing data-driven dietary recommendations, supplement advice, and promoting healthy eating habits and frequencies.


Strategies to optimize the interaction between the body and its environment, minimizing toxins and maximizing beneficial signals.


Addressing emotional health, meditation, gratitude, life purpose, and community engagement for a balanced life.

Our multidisciplinary team will work to educate you about each pillar, helping you to discover root problems and find solutions to find and maintain balance by supporting your body’s inherent healing capacity.

Why Choose Rebalancing Therapy?

At The Johnson Center for Health, our focus extends beyond treating symptoms. We use the latest scientific methodologies and testing to uncover and address your body’s imbalances which are responsible for your symptoms.


Rebalancing Therapy serves as a cornerstone for restoring cellular and hormonal balance that is needed for you to function at optimal capacity.

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Guiding Principles of The Rebalancing Method™:

Holistic Integration

Optimal health is achieved through the integration of all pillars; neglecting one aspect can compromise the effectiveness of others.

Preventative Approach

Early intervention is preferable, but it’s never too late to adopt lifestyle changes that can significantly improve health.

Universal Application

A balanced lifestyle is effective in preventing various chronic diseases, with specific nuances applied for individual health profiles.

Time and Consistency

Positive lifestyle changes require time to manifest results; consistent and steady application is crucial for rebuilding health.


Moderation in all lifestyle aspects is essential for maintaining health and resilience.

We know that starting any new lifestyle takes support and accountability. That’s why we stand by you, from the inception of your wellness journey to the moment you achieve your health goals, and far beyond.

On the Treadmill

“I was looking for someone to help me with my long term health and longevity - and that is Dr Johnson. I am well on my way to living the life that I have always imagined - partnering with a doctor and staff that has the needs of the patient as their top priority. She listens to me, makes recommendations, and I make the decisions - like a partnership. This is how medicine should work! I look forward to working with her for years to come!”

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