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Peak Performance — Help Your Teens Live Their Best Life

Give your child ages 14-19 the tools for success at home and at school with the Johnson Center for Health.

Gym Class
Lunch at Home

The Teen Years Don’t Have to be Tumultuous

The teen years are hard—for kids and their parents! Increasing pressure for achievement at school, in sports, and with friends creates an enormous stress load. And when your child starts dealing with skin problems, sleep problems, and stomach problems, it can make life feel absolutely unmanageable.


That’s why we created the Peak Performance program—to help your child get a handle on common health issues like:

  • Acne

  • Stress

  • Poor diet/sleep

  • GI symptoms

  • Energy

  • Concentration

  • Mood disorders

  • ADHD

and more to help them live their happiest, most productive lives now. As they prepare themselves for adulthood, they’ll know how to take care of themselves, their mental and physical stressors, and even have a fun time doing it.

Balance Hormones

Improve Sleep & Nutrition

Reduce Stress

Power Through Life

Optimize your teen’s mind, body, and spirit through our scientific and supportive approach to functional and cellular medicine.

Balance Changing Hormones

A busy life plus fluctuating hormones can feel like a recipe for disaster. That’s why, using our holistic approach called the Rebalancing Method™, we’ll look at your teen’s molecular biology to identify, treat, and prevent health problems at their root cause.

Nutritional Assessment

Your child is genetically unique and the standard recommendation for nutrients such as B12 or folate may not be enough for what their body needs. Using specialty labs, we can discover what nutrients your teen needs to thrive mentally and physically.

Combat Stress

From getting good grades to dealing with changing relationships, your teen faces damaging stress in their life every day. We use treatments like HeartMath, a biofeedback program, to help them learn how to manage stress, regulate their emotions, and stay healthy.

Healthy Gut

Inflammation in the GI tract can cause anxiety, depression, and many other health concerns. Unfortunately, the typical teen diet can make it even worse! We’ll help your child make healthier food choices that can support their emotional, mental, and physical health.

Great Skin from the Inside Out

It’s hard to live your best life when you’re embarrassed about your skin. We’ll help address common skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis from the inside out, for sustainable, effective healing.

Manage ADHD Without Meds

Studies now show genes play a big role in why people have ADHD, but changing lifestyle can also make a difference in ADHD. By understanding these "root causes," we can create more personalized treatment plans for ADHD that don’t involve potentially harmful medications.

They’re Gonna Crush It

Sports? School? Friends? College? 
With a healthy body, your teens can do it all. 

The Peak Performance program will help your child:

Sleep Better

Reduce stress and work with their circadian rhythms so they can concentrate at school, reduce mood swings, and stay healthier.

Feel Better

Balance hormones, improve mood, and resolve skin and gut issues so they enjoy self-confidence, and focus on what’s important

Do Better

With peak mental, emotional, and physical health, your child can do hard things, whether it’s acing their chemistry test or scoring the winning basket.

Misinformation-Free Zone

In a world full of social media rumors and viral misinformation, our team of functional medicine practitioners will ensure your child has accurate, safe information about getting and staying healthy.

Stop the
Guessing Game

One size fits all just doesn't work. Because your child is genetically unique, they deserve a program that will work with for their unique biochemistry.

Encourage a
Healthy Lifestyle

Through extensive testing, we’ll help your child identify genetic nutritional gaps and teach them to use supplements and a healthy diet properly.

Dangerous Practices

From off-brand weight loss pills to the latest nicotine fad (ever heard of Zyns?) we’ll help your child navigate trends and establish healthy, sustainable habits.

Root Causes

Many fads and viral information focus on treating symptoms, with little attention to the causes or consequences. We dig deep to discover what’s really happening.

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