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Immune System Support- for COVID-19

With the continued surge of COVID-19 and the approaching winter months which bring the flu and cold season, you need to support your immune system NOW.  Numerous published studies have reported that maintaining optimal levels of Vitamin D and Zinc decrease the risk of complications and death from COVID-19.


But Vitamin D and zinc are not specific for the coronavirus but for their effects on fortifying your immune system. Start now by giving your body the support it needs to combat infection by creating an inhospitable environment for invading viruses; one that does not support viral replication and survival.  

While supporting your immune system with needed nutrients is critically important, there is no magic pill. Maintaining strength and resiliency also depends on other influences such as getting 6-8 hours of restful sleep, eating mainly healthy and whole foods, and exercise. 

Be proactive and start bolstering your immune system today. 

Zinc is very important for inhibiting viral replication. Zinc has to be brought intracellular and taking isoquercetin will help to pull zinc inside the cell to decrease the replication of the virus.


For COVIDIt has been speculated that the virus entry is via the nose and mouth and the lozenge is the best for releasing zinc into these areas for preventionYou will want to make sure the lozenge dissolves in your mouth. You will still need an oral dose for the prevention of lung infection.

The dose is 1 lozenge 2 times a day. Make sure to completely dissolve in the mouth. Increase to 3 a day if around someone who has been exposed. Do want to take it prior to going to the grocery store. Also make sure to take with food as Zinc may cause nausea on an empty stomach.

Immune Charge+ is a comprehensive blend of vitamins C, A, D, E, K1, K2, and elderberry. Not only does this powerful formula kick off a robust immune response and up-regulating white blood cell protection, Immune Charge+ also protects cells from pathogen-induced harm and attenuates excessive inflammation. 1 tsp. contains 4166IU of vitamin D which can replace your current supplement if you are taking 5000IU daily. 

For COVID. You will want your Vitamin D levels to be between 50-80. Dose depending on your level. If you do not know your Vitamin D level, then take 2000iu which is 1/2 a teaspoon.

Dose: For maintenance, take 1 tsp daily. For intensive use, take 2 tsp daily for up to 5 days. Hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Take on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals. 

Limited Offer Holiday Immune Charge+ Bundle: 

This bundle includes the Immune Charge+ Liposomal Liquid and the Immune Charge+ Throat Spray and includes a free gift, the QuintEssential Hypertonic Elixer sachets. 

The Immune Charge+ Liposomal Liquid contains a high dose blend of Vitamins C, D, E, A, K1, K2, and Haschberg European black elderberry. This powerful formula promotes immune support, healthy inflammatory response, and respiratory health. Immune Charge+ Throat Spray is a zinc-based spray designed to target delivery in the upper respiratory tract. It is ideal for travel and when unavoidable external immune threats. 

Call all the office at 276-235-3205 or email Rebecca at to purchase a Holiday Immune Charge+ Bundle! 

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More information about Quinton Water. 

Quinton Water is pure, raw, and filtered-sterilized seawater. It is harvested from protected plankton blooms following the original protocols of Rene Quinton a French biologist.  Rene found that the essential elements in seawater restored the health and balance of the body.


The hypertonic solution nourishes the cells of the body and drives energy with a revitalizing effect that can be felt almost immediately in terms of alertness and physical capacity. Providing the adrenals with these needed minerals supports the restoration of the biological terrain.


This solution supports protein synthesis, bone formation, energy production, and cellular balance. 


Read more here from Quinton Medical.  

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