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Live Longer, Feel Better

Fight aging with Virginia Beach’s signature longevity program.

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Longevity is More Than Age


In today’s world, living longer is really not that hard. But living BETTER? That takes a lot more work. Because what’s the point in living longer if you’re in constant pain, dealing with chronic disease, and struggling to have the energy to go out and live?


The Johnson Center for Health’s Longevity Program is designed to help you address the hallmarks of aging so you can help your body respond, regenerate, and repair—helping you stay well for the long term, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Reduce your risk

for age-disease

Stay active and enjoy life

Sharpen your body and mind

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Lasting Health for Every Body


If you’re over 45, now is the time to dig deeper into your health, discover potential genomic risk, and prevent chronic issues before they arise.


Women’s bodies are different from men’s—so why should they be treated the same way? We’ll help you navigate menopause and beyond.

Understand Your Risk…And Take Action

The earlier you uncover risk the more you can do about it.

Don't ignore the signs

If you’re dealing with symptoms like low energy, pain & stiffness, GI issues and more, it’s not “normal.” They’re small, subtle signs of problems that will continue to get worse until you do something about it.

Identify your risk

At the Johnson Center, we’ll dig deep with extensive testing to understand your health at the cellular level, discovering what is happening now and uncovering your genomic risk in the future.

Pinpoint your treatment

Data in hand, we customize your treatment, targeting exactly what will help your body to rebalance. All supplements, lifestyle changes, and treatments will focus on helping you treat and prevent.

Yoga in Nature

“Dr. Johnson and her team in Virginia Beach get to the root of your health issues for optimal health. What a relief to know I wasn’t crazy and the solution was not to pop pills for the rest of my life. I have never had a doctor spend such quality time explaining test results to me as Dr. Johnson did. Following her program, I was able to see immediate and lasting results!”

Lydia Wright

It’s Never Too Late to Feel Better

 Improve your biological age by 5-10 years and slow down the rate of aging.

The sooner you start to act, the more opportunity you have to actually change your future.

While we live longer than ever before (the average life expectancy in the 1820s was just 29 years!), our health expectancy is still disappointingly low.


While our average lifespan is around 77.5 years, only 66 of those are in good health.

Why? Because aging is the greatest risk factor for most chronic and acute diseases.

Luckily, there is now actionable and powerful new science on the biology of aging. With the help of functional medicine, you address your health holistically, targeting all of the factors that can improve your health.

No matter how you feel today, The Johnson Center’s longevity program will help you extend your lifespan and your health span (the number of years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible and optimally performing). 

Schedule an appointment today so we can get started.

The Longevity Program in Action

Here’s how we work with you to help you achieve optimal health.

Health Check

Your genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, stress, sleep, and more have significant impacts on your health. We’ll dig deep with testing to determine what your body’s unique needs are.

Longevity Plan

Using the data from your test results, our team of practitioners will build a plan for personalized, integrated health interventions using our proven Rebalancing method™.

Feel Better

We’ll work hand in hand with you to implement your unique plan, helping you optimize your environmental health, psychological and emotional management, exercise, cognitive function, and more.

Address Every Factor of Aging

Our Longevity Center Method helps you master every aspect of your health and wellness.

Biological Age
Your body’s age isn’t wholly dependent on the year you were born. We look at the bigger picture (including important biomarkers) to create a better informed starting point. 


Genes play an important role in your health and longevity. Our assessments examine your unique cellular makeup to tailor your plan to your exact needs.


Hallmarks of Aging
Aging is an interconnected process across systems in your body. Our holistic treatment plans are designed to address all of your body’s systems, not just one.


Environmental Health
5-10% of your healthy, active years are affected by your environment. We’ll identify your environmental risks (air quality, food, water, etc) and how to mitigate them.


Psychological Management
Mental health impacts the functioning systems of your body. By addressing your emotional health, you can reduce inflammation and protect your immune system.

Cognitive FunctionsWe use a sophisticated series of tools for testing and monitoring cognitive abilities and apply the latest techniques to help you monitor and train your cognitive functions.

Circadian Rhythm
Your body’s natural 24-hour clock is essential to your physical and mental health. We’ll help you optimize your rhythm so your entire body can feel healthy and energized.


Gender-Specific Medicine
There are over 300 genetic differences between men and women. To understand your current and future potential health, we look at your unique differentiators.


Emotional Health
A positive mindset is the cornerstone of longevity. We'll help you shift your perspective to relish the opportunities life presents to transform your outlook on aging.

Evidence-Based Approach
You deserve lasting, reliable results. That’s why our treatments are firmly grounded in safe, scientifically-proven methods that you can feel confident in.

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