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What We Do

Functional & Cellular Medicine

Longevity Medicine

Weight Loss

Hormone Optimization

Clinical Genomics

We Optimize Your Mind and Body

All of our services at The Johnson Center utilize an approach to wellness emphasizing Functional and Cellular Medicine, where we go beyond treating symptoms to address the underlying causes of health issues. Our personalized care delves into your unique genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors, employing the latest scientific research to craft tailored health plans.


The center's methodology involves staying at the forefront of scientific research to offer the latest treatment options. This includes measuring health biomarkers to identify the causes of symptoms and crafting personalized treatment plans based on our proprietary Rebalancing Method. This method is aimed at fine-tuning the body's functions from a cellular level upwards to achieve a balanced state of health.

Embark on a journey to vitality and wellness with a method that's personalized, holistic, and rooted in evidence-based science.

Whether you're managing chronic conditions, seeking to enhance your health, or aiming to prevent health issues down the line, Functional and Cellular Medicine offers a transformative path.

Begin your journey towards a more vibrant life today—make an appointment and unlock the full potential of your health, where the goal is not just to survive, but to flourish.

The Johnson Center is a medical center founded by Barbara Johnson, MD a highly-acclaimed medical professional specializing in genomic, cellular & functional medicine

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