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Frustrated and unhappy with how you feel about your weight and yourself?
Lose Weight - Keep it Off
Our Metabolic Reset gets to the underlying cause of persistent weight. 

Three Things I Know About Successful Weight Loss

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In my twenty-something years of helping thousands of patients lose weight, I’ve learned three truths about successful weight loss programs.

First, for a program to work, you have to resolve metabolic issues that hinder weight loss. If you don’t prepare the body to release the weight; it can fight you every step of the way. 

Second, you have to customize the program for the patient’s physiology and metabolism. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Third, to keep the weight off, you have to change the patient’s lifestyle. I don’t mean a diet of celery and water, but to paraphrase Einstein, you can’t return to your old eating and drinking habits and expect a different result. I suspect you know that.

These three truths direct the Johnson Center Metabolic Reset program.

First, we test to identify your unique physical makeup. Then we use diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes to reset your metabolism to more easily shed weight. We create personalized diet, exercise, and supplementation programs for your muscle types and metabolism. And we help you transition to a new and healthy lifestyle to sustain the weight loss. 

When you're fit, you don't just look good. You feel great.

It's Not (Just ) About Vanity

Sure, looking good feels great. But excess weight hurts much more than your vanity. 

In the short term it saps you of energy and vitality and diminishes cognitive performance, degrading your personal life and professional performance. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, excess weight increases the risk of COVID complications. 

As you age, excess weight increases your risk cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimer's disease. 

Lose weight for your current vitality, professional performance, and yes, to enjoy what you see in the mirror. Know that by achieving a healthy weight, you also dramatically reduce the risk of chronic disease in the future.

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Why Cutting Calories Doesn't Work (Long Term)

Dieting doesn’t work because your body is hard-wired for survival. When you cut calories significantly, your body believes that food is scarce and initiates survival mechanisms. Your cortisol will increase to halt fat-burning and your thyroid will slow along with your metabolism.

So if you reduce your normal 2000 calorie intake to 1000 calories a day, you will lose weight the first week or two but then your metabolism will slow to match the intake. Then you plateau, and either exercise more or eat less, which further reduces your metabolism.

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Why Fad Diets Don't Work

Fad diets ignore the reality that each body is unique. So, the factors that prevent or inhibit weight loss are different for each individual. 

As an example, it’s well-known that chronic inflammation, which is common as we age, inhibits weight loss. But inflammation can arise from multiple sources, including excess stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, or underlying illness.


Without first identifying the root cause and reducing inflammation, you’ll have trouble losing and keeping weight off.

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How the Metabolic Reset Program is Different

The Johnson Center's Metabolic Reset Program involves three steps.

Assessment, Program development and Implementation


Run a battery of tests to identify factors that have contributed to weight gain and the optimal regimen for effective and permanent weight loss

Personalized Program

Deliver a personalized program that includes diet, supplementation, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle modifications


Support and monitor your progress with scheduled visits with Johnson Center dietitians and medical personnel

The Assessment

PNOE Testing - details metabolic rate and fat burning efficiency to identify optimal diet and exercise program. Click HERE to view the report.

Adrenal Testing - to identify your chronic stress level which affects your ability to lose weight by increasing blood sugar and inflammation.  

Comprehensive medical history - to determine underlying road blocks to weight loss.

InBody Analysis - provides an in-depth look at skeletal muscle mass, body fat, and visceral fat (belly fat).

Blood testing - insulin resistance, blood sugar and inflammation are key markers that will prevent weight loss. We also look at nutrient levels. All blood work is evaluated through a functional lens. It's not about normal but optimal.​

Personalized Program

Diet - Nutrition is the cornerstone of health. But it's not just about calories. The start of the program is a 21 day anti-inflammatory, reset diet. From here you should follow the program outlined from your PNOE testing.

Exercise program -  One of the most important levers to improve metabolism and overall health for decreasing inflammation, building muscle and sustained weight loss.

Stress reduction - Unfortunately, almost everyone has stress.  We use adaptogens based on your test results and other modalities such as NuCalm and Heartmath.​

Supplements -  All supplements are not equal many may actually be harmful. We only recommend supplements based on your actual biochemistry and lab values.


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Ready to rewrite your weight loss story?

Over the course of just six weeks, you'll experience a remarkable transformation.


By resetting your metabolism, you'll lose weight naturally, without the burden of cravings and stress. You'll feel more energetic, healthier, and ready to embrace a vibrant life. And the best part? We equip you with the knowledge and tools to continue losing weight until you reach your long-term goals.


This isn't just another temporary fix—it's a sustainable lifestyle change

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 Say goodbye to ineffective diets and hello to a brighter, healthier future. Take the first step towards a transformed life with our Metabolic Reset Program. It's time to reclaim your health, confidence, and joy. Let's embark on this journey together


How Many Psych Residents Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Lifestyle changes are difficult but essential to keep your weight off. I learned this fact as a bariatric surgeon many years ago. This procedure shrinks the stomach to the size of a egg, prohibiting large meals.


Many patients flourished, lost weight, and kept it off. Others sadly floundered, including one who admitted eating an M&M a minute until consuming a one pound bag. Two or three bags daily. 

It brings to mind the silly joke I heard back as a surgical resident.


“How many psych residents does it take to change a light bulb?” The answer? “One, but the lightbulb really has to want to change.” 

I’ve created what I believe to be the most effective weight loss program available, one that will make it as easy as possible to lose weight and keep it off.


But make no mistake; you’re the person doing most of the work. And you’ve got to sincerely commit for us to succeed. 

If you’re ready, we’re ready. Click the button and let’s get started.

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