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Are you Surviving or Thriving?

There is a fundamental difference between thriving and surviving.


Surviving means, “to continue to live or exist,” while thrive can be defined as “to grow or develop well, to prosper or to flourish.”  How come, when so many of us claim to have a goal of thriving, the majority of us are still just surviving?

To thrive is to be proactive about your health with the goal of achieving optimal health. Optimal health can only be achieved by working on the pillars of health - DESS. 




Stress Reduction

We know that optimal health includes a healthy diet, staying physically active and keeping weight and body fat down. But a new study published in Mayo Clinical Proceedings showed that less than 3% of Americans could claim all 3 healthy habits. 


We will help you identify important risk factors and design a customized treatment to avoid or to help heal from chronic, complex diseases. By optimizing health, improving nutrition, and making positive adjustments to your lifestyle, you can minimize the risks of major diseases.

Prevention of future disease is just as important as treating an existing one. The best way to treat any medical condition is to prevent one in the first place. Active screening, early diagnosis, latest laboratory testing, and prompt intervention are fundamental in helping patients avoid serious life-threatening diseases.

Wellness is about maximizing your health, looking deeply at the root behind your fatigue, pain, mood or disrupted sleep. We are often told by our patients that they did not realize how 'bad' they felt until they addressed their DESS.  Further your journey to wellness by committing to thriving and working toward optimal health. 

Wellness Prevention and Treatment.

Working on the pillars of health aims at prevention and treatment of the following:

Alzheimer's  *  Autoimmune Diseases  *  Cancer  *  Diabetes  *  Heart Disease  *  High Blood Pressure  *  High Cholesterol  *  Hormonal Imbalance  *  Immune System  *  Memory/Focus  *  Metabolic Syndrome  *  Thyroid  *  Weight

All treatments focus on health optimization and often combine a variety of methods to optimize your health.

Lifestyle Modification               Neutrigenomics/Genetics                  Weight Loss Support

Nutritional Planning                 Detoxification                                       Vitamin Supplementation

Hormone Therapy                     BHRT for Men                                      BHRT for Women

Wellness Optimization             Sleep Disorder Treatment                   Stress Management


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