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Are You Healthy?

How do you know?

Health is not the Absence of Disease

Genomics + Epigenetics +Cellular Health = Optimal Health

Health is an optimal physiological state where there are no limitations.  You are able to accomplish whatever you want to do both physically and mentally.

Most people are unaware that their health is declining as cellular damage occurs long before you start having symptoms. Symptoms appear with continued oxidative stress, inflammation and cellular dysfunction. 

Health Optimization is looking at health at a cellular level.  

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Genomics + Epigenetics +Cellular Health = Optimal Health



This is your DNA, your blueprint, that makes you completely different from everyone else and identifies your predispositions for certain diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimers and Cancer.


Epigenetics are lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, toxin expsoure and stress that influence your genes.

Cellular Health 

Cells must maintain balance for optimal health. We can measure your current state of health and by bloodwork, medical history, physical state and other tests looking at your metabolome.


Understanding all three can identify key health risks and help you avoid them.


"First you gave me my life back... then you helped me blossom into the person I once was many years ago..."

Our Approach

We provide our patients with a personalized wellness plan that is specific for each individual patient. Utilizing genomic testing as well as metabolomic and microbiome testing,  we create an individualized wellness plan for each patient understanding their unique lifestyle and stage in life. What works for a 30 year old is not optimal for someone in their 70's: nutritional needs change, exercise focus changes, motivation and lifestyle changes. All this needs to be taken into account to live a long life mentally and physically optimal.


Nutrition, genetics, aging, stress, lifestyle habits, toxins and environment can all increase your risk for disease and influence the hormones and brain chemicals that determine your physical and emotional health. We work with patients to prevent Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune and other chronic complex diseases.


You have one life … one body.  Why not choose healthcare that’s designed especially for you

Functional.   Integrative.   Holistic

Start feeling and looking better today.

Our Services

Healthy Woman

Health Optimization

Hormone Balancing and Replacement

Thyroid Health

Sports Performance and Athletics

Nutrient Optimization

Detoxification Protocols


Age-Management and Longevity

Holistic Approach for Disease Management and Prevention

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Environmental Acquired Illnesses

White Maternity Tank Top

Pregnancy &

Pre-Pregnancy Programs

12 to 6 month programs to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy.


Proper nutrition and exercise for each trimester that optimizes the brain and body of the developing baby. 

Main Office

Colony Park 

1997 S. Main Street Suite 703

Blacksburg, VA 24060


Satellite Office

Norfolk & Virginia Beach

Serving the greater Tidewater area. 


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