Genomics + Epigenetics +Cellular Health = Optimal Health

Health is not the Absence of Disease

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Rethink Health

Integrative. Functional. Holistic Medical Care

to Rejuvenate Your Life

We partner with motivated, high achievers who are tired, stressed and burned out with a genomic based personalized wellness program that elevates health and the ability to perform at a superior level.

It's Not About Normal but Optimal.

We see things differently at The Johnson Center and devise a medical program individually tailored for you to optimize your health and longevity. Using the latest in cutting edge science, hormone therapy, peptides, genomics and more to elevate YOU. You are genetically different from everyone else. The 'one-size-fits' all model will not work for optimal health and aging.

Learn more about Dr. Johnson and how she beat and overcame a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  

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Genomic Based Personalized Medicine

We are all genetically unique.


So why do we think that we should all be treated the same?

A therapy, diet or medication that works for one person may not work for you. True health lies in you being treated as a unique individual.

Learn more about how you can amplify and transform your health by a genomic based personalized approach. 


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Great health is not just the absence of disease. 

Personalized Nutrition

based on Your Genomics.

There is no one diet for all and trying to determine what you should eat can be very confusing and frustrating. 


We offer Nutrigenomic testing to determine what foods work for you and not for everyone else.

Learn more about the importance of nutrigenomic testing.   

True Preventive Medicine

We focus on your health and not disease.


We take a deep dive into your genetic, physiological, and biochemical makeup using extensive testing and an evidence-based approach to uncover underlying causes of health concerns. 


Our programs correct imbalances, eliminate symptoms, prevent disease, and optimize health.


"First you gave me my life back... then you helped me blossom into the person I once was many years ago..."

Untangling chronic complex disease and restoring vitality

Struggling with an illness is a journey.  Whether from Lyme, mold, trauma, chronic fatigue, autoimmune or toxins, we utilize a holistic and comprehensive approach to restore balance and cellular health.  

We strive to uncover the initiating cause of your health issue and work to correct imbalances and bring your body back toward health.   

Offering Online Functional Medicine

Now more than ever, it is important to maintain optimal health. Fortunately, The Johnson Center can help you achieve your best possible health from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll get the same detailed care, with comprehensive testing, personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice that you’d get with our in-person visits

 All appointments are seen via our HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing platform, Zoom.

Modern medicine is more than just a yearly doctor's visit. Virtual medicine makes is easier to stay on target with your health goals. 



Our Approach

Proactive - not Reactive

We develop a personalized program that optimizes health, longevity and vitality by unraveling the pathways that led to your present health concerns. Our programs utilize a systems biology approach, using biological and genetic data. This provides us with the information needed to establish healing methods that work with your body’s unique and individual needs. We do not utilize a one-size-fits all protocol but design a program personalized to you. 

We use the functional medical approach by asking the right questions and ordering the right tests.  We don't guess but use data to determine imbalances in your body and what is needed to restore health. 

Specialized testing can reveal what changes are necessary to restore and optimize health. This is not just a quick pill but targeted lifestyle modifications, nutrition, hormones (if needed) and specific supplementation based on labs. 

Once health has been restored, work can begin on rebuilding and upgrading your health and performance. This is best accomplished with genomic testing which will show what is necessary to prevent disease and decrease rapid aging.