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Frustrated and unhappy with how you feel about your weight and yourself?
Lose Weight - Keep it Off
Our Metabolic Reset gets to the underlying cause of persistant weight. 

Here's the thing: if you believe that the key to success lies solely in counting calories and hitting the gym, it's time to upgrade your mindset. The world of weight loss has evolved, and there's a whole new way of thinking that can bring amazing results.

When you're fit, you don't just look good. You feel great.

Is your Weight Keeping you from Enjoying Life?

We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to lose weight regardless of how hard you are trying. 


But there is so much information that can be confusing and misleading such as the right diet and exercise. 

Our Metabolic Reset is a medical weight loss program that provides you with long-term weight loss that works on underlying metabolic pathways to support sustained weight loss. We also provide a 6-week jump start to encourage a faster improvement and quicker results.

Will Metabolic Reset Work for You

This program is ideal for people who have not had success with other weight loss programs.

You Understand that the only way to achieve long term weight loss requires getting to the root cause to optimize your overall health

Willing to commit to putting your health and weight loss goals as important and necessary.

How the Program Works

Our Metabolic Reset program combines simple lifestyle changes with peptides and targeted supplements to help you lose the weight more easily, feel better and lower your risk for dangerous health problems. We use Semaglutide that has been shown on average to help patients lose considerable weight. But this is only one part of the program but a great start.

This Program works by correcting underlying imbalances by:


Balancing hormones,

Optimizing energy pathways

Creating a Healthy Gut via the Microbiome

Replacing Nutrient Deficiencies

Supporting Detoxification Pathways

Reducing Inflammation

How We Are Different?

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing using the PNOE system is the gold standard for determining your metabolic rate: fast or slow

Results will determine your personalized diet and exercise program

Read more about PNOE testing 

InBody Analysis

Provides Accurate Measurement of Muscle, Fat and Visceral Fat

Necessary to Evaluate Fat Loss and not Muscle Loss While on the Program

Stress Reduction Therapies

NuCalm Decreases Brain Patterns that Keep you in Stress

Heartmath Helps to Shift you to a Calmer State

Health and Nutrition Coaching

Coaching Provides Support to Keep you on Track

Troubleshoots any Roadblocks

Available for Questions and Answers


Basic Bloodwork to Look at Metabolic Markers and Nutrients

Adrenal Testing to Determine Underlying Stress

Schedule a Consult

You can start with a discovery call to determine if the program works for you

Click Here for a Discovery Call.


call Rebecca at 276-235-3205 to get started. 

Once an appointment is made with a Johnson Center Practitioner labs will be ordered.

Start the Program

Based on labwork, InBody and PNOE testing results, we'll create a customized weight loss program that reduces fat, increases lean muscle, decreases inflammation and improves your overall heatlh. 

Lose the weight for good

You will finally understand how your metabolism works and what is behind your weight loss resistance.  This will allow you to keep the weight off for good.

You are on now on the path to live the life that you want. 

What is Included in the Program

  • Two 45 minute consults with a Johnson Center for Health Practitioner

  • Any labs needed up to $200 Value

  • 4 InBody Analysis to keep track of your fat loss

  • PNOE Metabolic Testing

  • Personalized nutrition protocol and exercise regimen based on your metabolic testing

  • Practitioner prescribed Semaglutide injections for 6 weeks. 

  • Practitioner formulated gut friendly, anti-inflammatory 21-day nutrition protocol

  • 2 IV glutathione injections (glutathione is your master antioxidant and detoxifier

  • 1 Month of base supplements: Mitocore, Chlorella, S. boulardii. 

  • Weekly check-ins to keep you on track with the program and to answer any questions

  • Weekly emails with recipes, lifestyle and eating tips and motivational strategies. 

Total Fee for the 6 week Metabolic Reset is $2899

Bonus perks for additional 3 months after the 6 week Reset Program

  • 15% off all peptides for 3 months. (The first 6 weeks are included in the price)

  • 15% off Semaglutide for 3 months

  • 15% off any IV therapy

  • 15% off additional PNOE testing

  • 15% off continued InBody testing

  • 15% off additional testing; GI Map, Adrenal, Organic Acids, Food Sensitivity

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