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Get More Comfortable in Your Skin

Try our 8-week program for healthy skin from the inside out, just in time for peak beach season.

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You Don’t Have to Accept Aging Skin

Ah, the glory of sunbathing in our youth… SPF? What’s that? We were baking in baby oil and iodine, maybe even with a foil reflector to speed the process up. And today, many of us are paying the price for those glowing bronze tans of yesteryear. If you’re seeing sun damage and skin that’s aging faster than you’d like, you’re not alone! 


That’s why we created our new Skin Protection and Wellness program – to help you reverse sun damage and prevent it in the future:

  • Improve hydration

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Boost elasticity 

  • Reduce inflammation 

  • Enhance sun protection 

  • Boost cell regeneration 

  • Support cell repair 

  • Improve energy levels


It’s possible to love the skin you’re in, at any age! Our Skin Protection and Wellness Program will help with results from the inside out.


Sun Damage

Boost Antioxidants

for Better Aging


Cellular Health

Glow Up from the Inside

With the power of functional medicine and a customized program of supplements and IV therapies, your skin will return to radiance in no time!
Build a Strong Foundation

You’ll start weeks 1 and 2 with a customized dosage of oral collagen supplements to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. That’s paired with a custom daily dose of polypodium leucotomos oral supplements, a tropical fern extract that will enhance sun protection and reduce inflammation. It’s important that the doses of these powerful supplements are prescribed by a functional medicine professional!

Enhance Cellular Health

In weeks 3 and 4, you’ll begin weekly IV NAD therapy to support cellular repair, improve energy levels, and enhance skin cell regeneration. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that plays a vital role in cellular function. It naturally decreases as we age and IV therapy is the only effective way to replenish it.

Boost Antioxidants

Weeks 5 and 6 continue your oral supplements while adding weekly IV glutathione therapy to reduce oxidative stress, lighten skin naturally, and support detoxification. Glutathione IV therapy is a popular treatment that leverages the potent antioxidant properties of glutathione to promote skin health and overall wellness. Like NAD, it can only effectively be boosted by IV administration.

Maintain and Evaluate

In weeks 7 and 8, you’ll work with your practitioner to evaluate your progress and adjust supplement dosages if necessary. You’ll also continue with weekly IV NAD and IV Glutathione therapy. Your practitioner will also provide guidance on maintaining skin health and protection against sun exposure, including the use of broad-spectrum sunscreen, protective clothing, and avoidance of peak sun hours.

Get Great Skin from the Inside Out

Throughout the program, your practitioner will provide educational materials on the importance of hydration, a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, and lifestyle habits that support skin health. That includes stress management techniques to reduce the impact of stress on skin health.

Enjoy Your Results!

Once your treatment plan is complete, you and your practitioner will discuss your results. They will provide recommendations for ongoing skin care and protection, including a plan for follow-up sessions as needed based on individual goals and outcomes.

You’ve Got This!

Smoother, more elastic skin? A more radiant glow? It’s all at your fingertips.

The Skin Protection and Wellness Program will help you:

Reduce Sun Damage

IV glutathione reduces the effects of sun exposure on your skin. It’s a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals produced by UV radiation, protecting your cells from more rapid aging.

Boost Cellular Regeneration

IV NAD therapy helps your skin cells turn over more quickly, naturally, for a healthier glow.

Prevent Future Damage

Lifestyle changes, including an antioxidant-rich diet, help your results last for the long haul.

Misinformation-Free Zone

For every woman fighting aging, there’s a company claiming to have found the Fountain of Youth. Don’t get us wrong  – we love a good serum as much as the next gal. But nothing is one size fits all when it comes to any aspect of your health. That includes your skin.

Skip the Guesswork

Many OTC supplements and creams aren’t the right dosages to work, or they’re delivering ingredients in a way that can’t work. Stop throwing money away on useless products.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Through testing, we’ll help you identify healthy changes you can make to keep the glow going long after your treatment plan ends.

Identify Dangerous Practices

From insufficient SPF to excessive caffeine consumption, our experts will spot daily practices you may not even realize are causing skin damage and rapid aging.

Let Us Show You How

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