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Take Control of Your Health

Learn how with our Age Elegantly Fastclass Webinar.

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Menopause Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

Our society has drawn menopause as the line between vitality and poor health. That simply isn’t so! With the right preparation and care, you can defy society’s labels, and age elegantly—maintaining your energy, spark, and good health.

Watch our Fastclass Webinar to learn how the Johnson Center For Health is helping women defy the odds through innovative, science-based treatments that can help you make the absolute most of midlife…and beyond.

Understand your body

Get inspired

Discover your first step

It’s Time to Feel Like Yourself Again

We’ll show you why your doctors haven’t been able to help, and what you can do about it.


Did you know that most medical studies are done predominantly on men? When you are erroneously treated as a “little man,” you simply won’t get results.


Menopause is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be devastating. Learn what action you can take now to make “the change” smooth and easy.


Being proactive now will help you avoid frustration and difficult symptoms later. We’ll show you five steps you can take to gain control of your health and age elegantly.

Yoga in Nature

“Dr. Johnson and her team get to the root of your health issues for optimal health. What a relief to know I wasn’t crazy and the solution was not to pop pills for the rest of my life. I have never had a doctor spend such quality time explaining test results to me as Dr. Johnson did. Following her program, I was able to see immediate and lasting results!”

Lydia Wright

Your Health Is at Risk

The statistics are startling. Women are:

75% AE_1.png

more likely to experience adverse reactions to medication

80% AE.png

more likely to develop an autoimmune disease

66% AE.png

of all Alzheimer's and

dementia cases

60% AE.png

of IBS cases

80% AE.png

of osteoporosis cases


more likely to have

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


more likely to be

diagnosed with anxiety

and depression

These stats don't have to be your destiny.


The Age Elegantly Rebalancing Method™ will help avoid these future health challenges.

“I am coming in hot to 50 and the trajectory of my health was moving in a direction that didn’t feel great to me. I was starting to get worried about what aging would look like. [Aging Elegantly’s] Rebalancing Therapy has really changed how I view health and aging. I’m no longer afraid of the aging process. I’m super grateful to Dr. Johnson and her team!”

Nadine Hartig

Join the Movement

Watch our Fastclass Webinar and discover:

  • What the FDA acknowledges about the gaps in medical studies for women

  • How men and women experience disease differently

  • The risks for women’s health as they age

  • How to prepare and navigate menopause

  • What menopause really indicates

  • How hormones affect your body—and your body’s backup plan for losing them

  • What has been standing in the way of your healing potential

  • A new, better way to support your body and prevent unnecessary health problems

  • The secret to aging gracefully and elegantly

Embrace Your Potential

Watch our Fastclass Webinar today and learn how to harness your health and age elegantly.

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