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Working with Dr. Barbara Johnson

Since most patients who come to The Johnson Center are looking to heal from chronic conditions or seeking optimal health, the conventional medical model does not work.

Striving for optimal health is a commitment. This means that you will need to have labwork done more frequently than once a year and then see Dr. Johnson to review your health outcomes and goals. Following is a typical outline of the process

Step 1 - Case Review


This is the first step for all new patients and last between 60-75 minutes. This is designed to save money in the long-term by performing the appropriate diagnostic testing and evaluation before treatment begins.  Identifying the "root" cause of disease is the key to a successful and lasting outcome.


Before your first appointment, you will be sent paperwork to complete regarding your health history which includes a detailed health and medical history questionnaire, a survey of your chief complaints and most important health goals, a diet survey and quesionnaire, a metabolic questionnaire and life events that may have contributed to your health history. It is very important that you take the time to complete these intake forms as they are vital in understanding your case.

The initial visit

  • A 60-75 minute-long consult with Dr. Johnson. It is during this time that she will obtain crucial information needed in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting your health and your health goals.

  • Review of all completed paperwork

  • Review of any other medical documentation such as labs that you bring with your from other physicians


The exact lab testing ordered after the initial consult will depend on each patient's individual circumstances. Most labs are covered by insurance and are done at Labcorp or your local hospital. Other specialty tests that may be needed are not usually covered by insurance which is why Dr. Johnson does not routinely order these unless she feels that a patient's health depends on these tests.


Once your lab results have been received and reviewed by Dr. Johnson, you will then move onto Step 2 of the Case Review.

Step 2 - review of labs and treatment plan 


This is your second visit which will usually be around two weeks after your first visit or when you are able to have your labwork done. The visit last between 45 minutes to an hour. 


Prior to this visit, Dr. Johnson will have reviewed your labs, your medical history and other paperwork.  She will then devise a personalized Functional Wellness Plan.


During the visit Dr. Johnson will thoroughly go over your labs, discuss your health issues and the recommended treatment plan, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.


If any hormones such as thyroid medication or bio-identical hormones are included in the Functional Wellness Plan, then patients will need to follow-up in 2 months. It is critical to know how you are responding to the medication and whether adjustments need to be made. 


If only nutraceuticals and lifestyle interventions are necessary, then follow-up can be within 3-4 months to recheck nutrients and overall progress.  



On-going appointment, after the initial first 2 consults, will depend on your health issues. All patients who receive prescription medications will be seen every 2-3 months until their labs/condition stabilizes. Patients who have metabolic syndrome, are diabetic or overweight may need to be seen more frequently. Labs will need to be done prior to each visit. Dr. Johnson will then review the labs, your progress on the treatment plan and make additional recommendations.


From there the frequency of your follow-up consults depends upon the severity of your condition as well as your response to treatment.







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