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Your genes are a reflection of who YOU are.


Genes are your unique living blueprint. They shape your response to food, influence your mood, your sleep, and how you respond to the environments you live and work in.


They determine the types of movement and exercise that are best for you.


Genes are for life.


What is Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics, or nutritional genomics, looks at the interaction between genetics and nutrition and the way your body processes food. It is about how your unique biology interacts with the food you eat. Nutrigenomics informs us which nutrients and foods will influence our genes toward health and protect your DNA from damage.


Simply put, nutrigenomics shows us which nutrients and foods influence our genes toward optimal health. For example, we all know that inflammation can lead to chronic diseases but you may not know that there are many different genes that regulate specific inflammatory pathways. Knowing your DNA blueprint will allow us to target these pathways with the foods that will reduce the inflammation and decrease your risk of chronic disease.


Your genetics also determine how you respond to nutrients. This is why the “one size fits all” diet does not work. Your individual genetic make-up may predispose you to a particular disease process that may be prevented by personalized nutrition.


Why Nutrigenomics is Important


With DNA testing, we can precisely identify the patterns and imbalances of your unique metabolism and use nutrients to suppress the expression of disease, illness, and other unhealthy patterns. 

Even if you’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, dementia or autoimmune illness, genomic health consultation can help you create an individualized and comprehensive plan to limit the progression or even reverse your current disease.

Nutrition is arguably one of the most important modifiers of chronic disease risk. 


Being able to use nutrition targeted toward your genetic make-up is true personalized medicine.


Virtual Health

Stress-free online care.

Now more than ever you need to make sure that your health is a priority.

We provide secure and complete virtual appointments as if you were in the office


At The Johnson Center, we provide an approach to health that combines genomic and nutrition science with functional medicine to enhance your wellbeing on a level never experienced before.

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