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Over 7,000,000,000 people in the world, but only 1 you. You are genetically unique, unlike anyone else in the world, so why do most health care workers and the industry as a whole ignore this? Every person's genetic makeup is different, often in critical ways that affect your health. 

Personalized medicine is a rapidly advancing extension of traditional healthcare that uses gene-based information- in addition to family history, blood tests, metabolomics, and epigenetics such as lifestyle and environmental factors- to customize health management. By combining gene-based and traditional clinical information, physics can customize medical care for the individual. 

N = the sample size for medical recommendations.

Personalized Medicine

N= 1

Traditional Medicine

N= 7,000,000,000

Personalized medicine offers a solution for you, not one that fits 99.9% of the population. 

Click here to read more about the practical application of personalized medicine. 

At one level, your genetic makeup could mean that a diet that worked perfectly for your neighbor or friend could fail miserably for you, even if you follow it religiously. Or that your progress in a fitness routine is slower, or much faster, than others.

At a deeper level, personalized medicine allows physicians to make accurate predictions about a person’s susceptibility of developing a disease, the course of the disease, and its response to treatment. Armed with this knowledge, physicians can recommend diet, supplement, medication, and lifestyle changes that can reduce the chances of developing the affliction, or its severity. Happily, there are more genes associated with resilience and vitality than for disease, all offering the potential for increased health, wellness, and longevity.

Whether for health or disease, your genes are not your destiny. The way your genes get expressed is strongly affected by “genetic modifiers” including lifestyle and environmental and psychosocial factors. By understanding your unique genetic structure, you can optimize the effects of the positive genes, and minimize the effects of the negative ones.

At the Johnson Center, we practice personalized medicine to deliver customized and effective programs for medical weight loss, maximum productivity and energy, age-management, and optimal health and wellness.

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