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Nutrigenomic Testing

Get personalized

nutrition, lifestyle & supplement recommendations

Understand the power of your genes to unlock your roadmap to health with state-of-the-art genomic testing. 

Nutritional genomics identifies SNPs that are associated with increased risks of certain conditions and outcomes.


These risks can be reduced by altering one’s diet and possibly adding very specific and targeted supplements.


Our approach to managing chronic diseases consists of using the latest nutrigenomics analysis to personalize nutrition programs and improve health. This is accomplished by looking at each person’s genome and executing a program that specifically addresses individual and unique metabolic challenges.

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How Nutrigenomics Supports Healing and Long Term Health

Our Optimal Health Package looks at the following metabolic and nutritional markets, analyzing over 100 different genes: 

Cellular Health

  • Inflammation

  • Oxidative Stress

  • Detoxification

  • Methylation

  • DNA Damage & Repair

Sports and Athletic Performance

  • Strength and Endurance

  • Inflammation

  • Mitochondria

  • Recovery

  • Risk of Injury

Nutrition and Response to Foods

Systems Health

  • Gut Health and digestion

  • Bone Health, Skin and Injury Risks

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Neurotransmitters, Memory and Mood

  • Hormonal Health

  • Diabetes Type 2

  • Nutrients

  • Vitamin D

  • Caffeine

  • Gluten

  • Histamine

  • Lactose​

Energy: Weight Gain and Resistance to Weight Loss

  • Adipogenesis

  • Mitochondria​

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Rewrite Your Health Map

Starting Now - Today

We will work with you to create your script for life that promotes long-term sustainable health. 

Your genetics will tell you how to live and thrive. Your specific genes holds the key to you feeling your best and living a long and healthy life

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