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 What is the Johnson Center for Health & Wellness?

The Johnson Center is a Micro-Practice. 


A micro-practice is based on a growing trend of solo private practitioners who are attempting to recapture the traditional values of the doctor-patient relationship. This type of practice is patient-centered and has three primary objectives.

  1. Minimize the barriers between the patient and the doctor. It is easy to reach Dr. Johnson by email or phone. Most phone calls go directly to message and Dr. Johnson will follow-up the same day when she is not seeing patients.

  2. Enhanced doctor-patient relationship.  In traditional medical practice, the physician is expected to see a patient every 10-15 minutes to cover a huge overhead that has very little to do with patient care. By minimizing staff and working out of a small space, overhead can be drastically reduced, and thereby keeping the number of patients seen each day low with all visits at a minimum of 30 minutes. Dr. Johnson sees fewer patients each day which allows her to spend more time with each patient.

  3. Invest in technology that puts scientific and patient information at the physician’s fingertips. Most everything in the practice is electronic which means the patient can schedule their own appointments via the website, most communication is done via email, and prescriptions are electronically submitted

The Johnson Center is Integrative, Functional, Holistic

The Johnson Center is an integrative medical practice that combines traditional allopathic (Western) medicine with nutritional and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Johnson uses a holistic approach and looks at the whole person: mind, body and spirit in the quest for optimal health and wellness. By using a functional approach, a patient's symptoms are not simply treated with medication but time is spent investigating the 'root' cause of the disease. Most root causes of diseases are due to nutrition, environmental, and lifestyle factors.


Why the Traditional Paradigm is Failing Patients


The world we have created in the past 200 years, from an evolutionary standpoint, is not compatible with health.  The U.S. suffers from the highest obesity rates in the world, high chronic diseases, and below-average life expectancy compared to other industrialized countries. 75% of people over 65 are taking medications and on average, they are taking five different drugs. The ability to alter our environment has become a detriment to our genome, which holds the entirety of our hereditary information. These complex chronic diseases can only be solved by returning to the basics of human health, back to our biochemistry and our connection to nature.


Click HERE to read more about my training in traditional medicine and why I’ve become an integrative physician.


The mission of the Johnson Center is to provide high quality, comprehensive health by honoring the ideals upon which both western medicine and ancient healing traditions were built. Ayurveda believes that all aspects of life contribute to health, including nutrition, sleep, stress, and lifestyle as well as physical and mental activities.  The model of The Johnson Center is not disease-centered but rather health-centered; the emphasis is on prevention and alleviation of disease through diet and lifestyle.



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