Spring is sunshine, outdoor activities and ticks.

A tick bite has the potential to ruin the fun-filled, careless days of summertime. Increasing your tick IQ can protect your much needed outdoor time this summer. Outlined below are some tips that can help you enjoy outdoor activities while employing some protection from ticks. Tick Habitat: Know your Enemy Ticks are active when the temperature is 28 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. So, in most southern states, ticks are active year-round. Ticks gravitate toward moist and shady areas which is why they are mainly found in tall grass, gardens, farmland and forests. It is important to know which ticks are located in your state as different ticks transmit different diseases. The ticks listed below

Promising Study of Zinc and COVID-19 in Human Trial.

Several physicians from New York University (NYU) just released a very noteworthy preprint study focusing on the role of zinc and COVID-19 outcomes. This is one of only a few trials looking at the role of zinc in humans. This is a retrospective study rather than a randomized, controlled study, so it does not provide clear cause-and-effect evidence. The authors analyzed two different groups at NYU. One group was treated with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc and the second group the same dosage of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin but no zinc. The dose of zinc was 220mg/d which is 50mg/d of elemental zinc. Several interesting findings included: ● Adding zinc was not associated with

Suffering from Chronic Lyme? Genetics may hold the key.

Genetic testing may reveal the cause and potentially a path to restore health. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, approximately 10-20% of patients treated with antibiotics for Lyme infection will have symptoms that persist after completion of treatment. Symptoms can include fatigue, joint or muscle aches, anxiety, sleep disorders and cognitive dysfunction and may last up to six months or longer. While most patients' symptoms improve after six months to a year, many do not. Doctors and scientists have speculated as to why certain patients resist treatment for many years. Some believe continued symptoms are caused by persistent bacteria that remain despite antibiotic treatment.

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