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News that's good for your heart!

Through February, which is American Heart Month, every Wednesday, we'll be sharing our favorite good news stories from the week. When you're overwhelmed with negativity, it's easy to spiral into stress and anxiety. Studies have suggested stress triggers inflammation, which is directly linked to heart disease. Staying positive is one way to continue to support your heart health. It can be hard to find a bright side right now, given how the global pandemic and continual lockdown have affected us all. But Covid-19 hasn't stopped good things from happening in the world. Keep reading to see our favorite positive news from this week:

Perseverance rover lands on Mars!

  • Perseverance is NASA's most sophisticated rover to date and will capture the first sound recordings on Mars and drop a helicopter on Mars.

  • One of the rover's main goals is to search for evidence of ancient life and study Mars' climate and geology while collecting samples that will return to Earth in the 2030s.

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New nasal spray, Taffix, can protect you from Covid-19 for hours!

  • Nasus Pharma has created a nasal spray that reduces the probability of contagion by up to 78% protection against Covid-19.

  • The nasal spray is a thin gel with particles that cover the nasal membrane, protecting you for up to 5 hours.

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A restaurant in Texas gave out over 500 free meals to those in need during the recent winter storms!

  • The restaurant's owners and staff were able to cook meals for hundreds of families without power with their gas ovens and stoves.

  • The owner immigrated to Texas from Kosovo in 1999 and wanted to give back to the community that helped him many years ago.

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Atlanta creates the nation's largest free food forest to address food insecurity!

  • In a neighborhood close to downtown Atlanta, several organizations have created a 7.1-acre forest with 2,500 pesticide-free edible and medicinal plants.

  • The neighborhood is in a food desert, with the closest grocery store over 30 minutes away by bus.

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Johnson & Johnson vaccine finally gets FDA approval!

  • The FDA found Johnson & Johnson's vaccine to be "'safe and effective and completely prevented hospitalizations and deaths in a large clinical trial."

  • The vaccine prevents 85% of severe symptoms of Covid-19 and may be authorized for release as soon as this weekend.

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