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2018 - Optimal Health

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

2018. Another great opportunity to start the journey you imagined for your life.

Many people create new year’s resolutions, many don’t. Either way, the new year is a natural time to consider goals for the upcoming year, which often include weight loss, exercise and stress reduction, and working to improve concentration, mental skills, and to increase earnings.

The best way to achieve all of these? Focus on optimal health.

Optimal health is when you wake up feeling refreshed and remain energetic all day. You feel sharp, focused and balanced.

With optimal health, weight is not an issue because your body is balanced, food cravings disappear, and your metabolism speeds up. You have the motivation and energy to exercise. You make good food choices because you are no longer living in a brain fog and are mentally sharp. This increased focus and clarity will improve your job performance and decision-making. As your health improves, your stress reduces and you become more confident in all aspects of your life.

So how do you achieve optimal health? By investing in yourself – in your health.

A functional/integrative physician can help you achieve optimal health by personalizing diet and other lifestyle changes, medication, and supplements based on your history, bloodwork, and at your option, genetic makeup. At The Johnson Center, we analyze your past history, triggers and current symptoms, evaluate the genetic variations, nutritional, hormonal, and inflammatory factors that are the foundations of health.

These genetic variations explain why a diet that works for one person does not work for another. They explain why some people are more prone to autoimmune disease and others are not. But these variations in your genes are heavily influenced by lifestyle factors and are modifiable.

Functional Health Program

At the Johnson Center, we manage patients as unique individuals with distinct environmental exposures and genetic predispositions. Our Functional Health Program balances these internal and external factors with the goal of achieving optimal health through nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction, restorative sleep, and hormone balance.

How can the Functional Health Program help you?

Do you have low energy and brain fog despite being told that your lab work is normal? The program can explain why and work to improve energy and concentration.

Are you dieting and not losing weight? By looking at your genes, we can determine the macronutrient ratio that is metabolically ideal for you and create a diet that promotes weight loss and higher energy.

Do you have high cholesterol that seems unresponsive? There are certain genetic variations that promote elevated lipids and will increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and dementia. This affects more than 25% of the population. But most of these variations are responsive to lifestyle modifications which can decrease your future risks.

Are you exercising diligently with little to show for it? Recent studies show that individuals respond differently to different exercise types; some flourish with aerobic exercises; others respond better to weight training. Simple genetic tests can point you in the right direction for your body.

The Functional Health Plan treats you as an individual and not a population study, and incorporates a lengthy medical history, comprehensive labs, and genetic testing. If you’re going to invest your time, energy, and money on a new diet, exercise program, or other lifestyle or occupational goals, a functional health plan can help you choose options ideal for your current health and genetic makeup, and dramatically increase your chances of success.

Ready to make your health a priority this year?

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