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Ready to Detox From 2020?

2021 should be the year you prioritize your health. And the first step in making 2021 your healthiest year is to detox out 2020. The Johnson Center has a comprehensive detoxification protocol that is guaranteed to rid your body of the influx of toxins we have all taken in during the months of confinement and closures. Most of us have overindulged in comfort foods, decreased our exercise and suffer from mental and emotional stress.

A large component of our detoxification protocol utilizes Quicksilver Scientific's Push Catch Liver Detox. Push Catch is one of the most powerful and effective liver cleanse on the market. Its name comes from the pushing and catching mechanism of the supplements. First toxins are flushed through the system into the GI tract, where binders then catch and flush them out of your system.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a natural process inherent to the human body. Over time, our bodies accumulate toxins mainly from our environment and food sources. And as we accumulate more toxins, we become less effective at detoxifying ourselves.

Efficient detoxification depends on a series of seamless reactions that bind toxins to shuttle molecules and “escorts” them out through a series of doors. Dysfunction of the three-phase detoxification system is the most common and insidious root cause of toxic accumulation in the body. True health requires that all phases function in balance, or the whole system cannot work properly. With an increase in our daily exposure to toxins, it is imperative that our detox pathways are working at 100%.

The Genetic Risk

Over 50% of the population have genetic variations that hinder detoxification. Thus everyone has a different threshold for toxin tolerance. Those with great detox pathways can tolerate more toxins. Those with genetic variations in the Phase II detox pathway need more glutathione, glutathione S. Transferases and the transport proteins that move the conjugates out of the cell. A slowing down of any one of these three mechanisms have been shown to increase the cells susceptibility to the toxic effects of heavy metals and other toxicants.

All the phases of detoxification have to be working in sync. The push from phase 1 to 2 to 3 is a millisecond. If phase 2 is not ready to receive phases 1, due to genetic variations, there is an increase in free radicals from the natural oxidative activation that results from phase 1.

Detoxification is Biotransformation

In the most simplified description a toxin goes through several biotransformations in order to be removed from the body.

Phases of Detoxification

  • Phase 1 is activation. Phase 1 takes fat soluble toxins and makes them water soluble. This actually makes the toxin more reactive within the cell and must immediately be picked up by a Phase II molecule.

  • Phase 2 is conjugation. Phase 2 consists mainly of conjugation reactions that link biomolecules such as glutathione, glucuronic acid, and sulfation to the toxin for removal.

  • Phase 3 is transportation. Toxins leave the body mainly from the GI tract and kidneys but also from the skin with sweating. With GI excretion, the toxin travels from the cell into the blood, from the blood into the liver, from the liver into the bile and then into the intestines. With Kidney excretion. Toxins travel from the blood into the proximal tubules and into the urine.

The PushCatch Protocol

The PushCatch contains enzymes, proteins, and binders that work to streamline all three phases of detoxification. The PushCatch Liver Cleanse has two components: Liver Sauce and Ultra Binder.

The Liver Sauce contains a mixture of bile flow generators, anti-inflammatory elements, and Nrf2 upregulators. Nrf2 is a transcription factor that turns on hundreds of antioxidant genes that neutralize free radicals and decrease inflammation. Nrf2 also increases the production of glutathione, the body's master antioxidant and detoxifier.

The liver sauce is a combination of botanicals that:

  • Support detox phases

  • Moves bile with bitters

  • Protects the liver

  • Promotes glutathione

  • Balances inflammatory pathways

  • Mast cell stabilizers

  • immunotolerance.

  • Nrf2 upregulators

  • Bile Production

  • Increases urinary excretion of toxins, alleviating the liver's toxic burden

The Ultra Binder contains a number of binders, that work together to comprehensively bind to all types of toxins within your body. The addition of Aloe helps to prevent constipation. Mold and mycotoxins can be difficult to remove but the combination of these binders has worked to promote excretion of the mycotoxins. The binders do their work in the small intestines, where they catch the toxins and send them out of the body and into the toilet.

  • charcoal

  • clay

  • chitosan

  • acacia gum

  • aloe

  • IMD

While Push Catch does a lot of work within your body in terms of detoxification, we recommend doing the cleanse alongside our detoxification protocol for a number of reasons. If you truly want to achieve your healthiest self in 2021, it is best to do so through a comprehensive total diet, exercise, and lifestyle overhaul. Through our protocol, you will have our health coach and Dr. Johnson by your side to streamline the process.

Click here to learn more about our Detoxification Protocol, or email Kelsey at


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