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News That's Good for Your Heart:

Through February, which is American Heart Month, every Wednesday, we'll be sharing our favorite good news stories from the week. When you're overwhelmed with negativity, it's easy to spiral into stress and anxiety. Studies have suggested stress triggers inflammation, which is directly linked to heart disease. Staying positive is one way to continue to support your heart health.

It can be hard to find a bright side right now, given how the global pandemic and continual lockdown has affected us all. But Covid-19 didn't stop good things from happening in the world. Keep reading to see our selection of positive news from this week:

Sanctuary Containing "Healthiest Coral Reefs in the World" Tripled in Size!

  • A coral reef in the Gulf of Mexica increased by 200% in size; increasing from 56 square miles to 160 square miles.

  • The expansion is due to the US government's formal approval of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, which adds 14 additional reefs and banks that house hundreds of species of marine life.

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College Student who Made $30,000 from stock Donates Games to Children's Hospital!

  • 20-year-old Hunter Kahn, who attends Cornell University donated 6 Nintendo Switch game consoles and dozens of video games to the Children's Minnesota hospital- a donation of more than $2,000.

  • Kahn earned nearly $30,000 from last week's massive rise in GameStop stock.

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Nurses Create a Date for Couple Battling COVID-19 in Separate Units!

  • An Illinois couple who have been married for over 63 years were united when nurses planned a dinner date for them.

  • Masako Martinez, 86, and her husband Frank Martinez, 93, were able to hold hands and eat dinner together after spending 5 days apart.

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A Kenyan Woman's Startup Recycles Plastic Waste into Bricks that are 5x Stronger than Concrete!

  • Gjenge Makers is a company founded by Nzambi Matee, that transforms plastic waste into durable building materials. Since 2018, they have recycled around 20 metric tons of plastic waste!

  • The bricks are made using waste that cannot be recycled or processed any further; 1,500 bricks are being made every day!

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A German Shepard Saves Owner's Life after Suffering a Stroke!

  • Brian Myers had a stroke while he was sleeping, after he woke up and collapsed on the floor, his german ran over to him.

  • After Brian grabbed his dog's collar, she dragged him across the floor until he was able to reach his phone to call for help.

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Natchez, Mississippi will pay you $6,000 to relocate and reside there for a year!

  • The historic city is offering remote workers $2,500 in moving expenses and $300 a month for a year to encourage people to move to town!

  • The cost of living in the small city, home to 15,000 is lower than the national average!

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