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The Question is not to mask or not to mask. But which mask?

By this point, you should definitely know to wear a mask. As we reported several weeks ago, the CDC said wearing masks not only protects people around you but also protects the wearer from being exposed to the coronavirus. According to the CDC, the amount of virus someone is exposed to while wearing a mask is reduced and a reduced viral load may mean that you will face a milder disease.

New masks are coming out every day and while it's great to have so many options, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure about how to know which mask is for you. With the help of Consumer Lab, we have compiled a list of some of the best masks on the market!

Consumer Lab Best Mask: The Giftington Designer Face Mask

The Giftington Designer Face Mask was rated #1 by Consumer Lab. The Giftington mask meets WHO guidelines, with 3 layers for maximum wearer protection. This mask also has a flexible nose wire, with adjustable straps that you can wear around your head or loop around your ears. The soft fabric and dome-shape of the mask allow great breathability and comfort. Consumer Lab marks it as a good mask for people who feel claustrophobic when wearing a mask. The Giftington mask was also ranked highly in terms of not fogging up when worn with glasses- given the height of the mask, bendable nose wire, and adjustable ear loops.

This mask is unfortunately on the more expensive side, at $24.99.

The Atelier Vertex mask also meets WHO guidelines and is made in San Fransisco! The Atelier Vertex mask has adjustable ear straps and a nose wire that can be molded to perfectly fit your face. Consumer Lab notes that the ear straps may make it hard to wear with hearing aids. This mask is also rated highly for those who wear glasses, given the height of the mask- as it extends up the bridge of the nose and can be worn under your glasses.

This mask is also notably less expensive than the Giftington Designer Face Mask, at only 15.00.

Best Mask for Beards or Singers: Tom Bihn V3 Reusable Cloth Face Mask

The Tom Bihn V3 mask is rated by Consumer Lab as the best mask for people with beards or singers because there is more room in the chin area of the mask. The unique design allows for a space between your chin and the mask. However, the mask does not rate very highly for those with glasses, despite the adjustable nose wire. The mask is made of three layers of fabric, again adhering to WHO guidelines.

The Tom Bihn V3 also comes in 3 sizes and is only $16.00.

Best Mask for the Hearing Impaired: Rafi Nova The Smile Mask: Tie-Behind Mask

This mask has a clear, BPA-free plastic panel over the mouth, making it perfect for the hearing impaired and to read lips or for those who require their lips to be read. The mask also provides good coverage for your nose and chin. The regular mask is not well rated for glasses-wearers, given the thickness of the fabric on the nose and under the eyes. But the Rafi Nova mask also comes in a non-fog option that does not fog up glasses as much as the regular tie-behind mask.

The Ravi Nova mask is sold in packs of two for $26.00.

Quick tip on how to prevent glasses from fogging when worn with a mask!

Consumer Lab created a list of steps you can take to minimize the risk of your glasses fogging up when worn with a mask:

  • Wash your lenses with a highly diluted liquid soap and then air dry. This will leave a surfactant film that will cause water molecules to spread out evenly into a clear layer.; which will reduce fogging.

  • Anti-fogging sprays and wipes are available to purchase; however, be careful to read labels and instructions when using such products.

  • You can also seal the edges with your mask with tape around the eye and nose to reduce fogging. Consumer lab recommends MaskTite Adhesive Strips and Cabeau Tape Mask Securing Strips for this!

Some masks are less likely to cause fogging on your glasses; look for masks that:

  • Come high enough on the face so your glasses can sit over them

  • Have a bendable top frame that will mold to your face

  • Have adjustable ear and headbands, which will pull the mask tight to your face

  • Have an outer layer of 100%polyester rather than cotton or cotton blend.

We hope some of these suggestions were helpful! Remember to stay safe during this holiday season!


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